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20 reasons why dogs are the best improvisers

photo 1. Dogs are always in the present. They are open and waiting, and entirely responsive.

2. Dogs don’t read between the lines.

3. Dogs think every offer is the most brilliant idea. Every. Single. Time.

4. Dogs are never pointlessly original.

5. Dogs offer the best support.

6. Dogs don’t get tired of the same game and they always play them as if it was the very first time.

7. Dogs have the most vivid imaginations. A fly is a drone, a ball is a runaway, a couch is an adventure island.

8. Dogs express joy in their entire bodies.

9. Dogs never scene steal on purpose.

10. Dogs are hilarious.

11. Dogs don’t bring their hang-ups to the game.

12. Dogs aren’t self-conscious.

13. Dogs trust their instincts.

14. Dogs are connected to their emotions.

15. Dogs don’t plan in advance.

16. Dogs don’t hold onto their own agendas.

17. Dogs know how to play “yes let’s!”

18. Dogs love team action.

19. Dogs love.

20. Dogs can handle all notes afterwards.


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  1. well said.

    but they do also sometimes poop on the carpet and no-one wants to see that in a show.

    not again.

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