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Month: February 2007 (Page 2 of 4)

Last night’s show

TheatreSports last night was a goodie. We had a smallish house but everyone was really responsive. I emceed and had a jaul. Ryan and E did an awesome realistic scene, which just shows how not everything needs to be funny. It makes a wonderful contrast seeing real and detailed emotional work. That’s why I love improv. Anything can happen. The trick is to be present so that your responses are to the situation. Improv 101 class is over. Anyway, the fun is in the doing.

We are gearing up to open at the Intimate Theatre on Monday 5 March. We’ll be performing there every Monday, from then. This won’t change our Tuesdays at Kalk Bay Theatre. We want to carry on doing those forever.

And for those of you wondering why I’m writing this at 6.25 am: Big Friendly is still in Nairobi. Sob. Wait, that looks weird. I mean tears, not the abbreviaton.

Also, the update on the Fleur du Cap story is; I have been invited to the awards ceremony. Yay. I have had good communication with Irma, who agrees that TheatreSports has been overlooked, and I agree with her that we are a difficult one to categorise. It’s been excellent having feedback though. All FdC judges have been invited to 5 March at the Intimate. I haven’t heard whether any of them are coming; nobody has RSVPed. Perhaps an incentive like celebrity judges will tickle them? So far, Josh Hawkes from Freshly Ground is definitely coming. John Malkovitch is in town and we’re working on trying to get him, and also William H Macy. If anyone has contacts for them or successful ambush techniques, let me know.


Big Friendly is in Nairobi again so I’m finding it hard to sleep.

The weirdest thing about deciding stuff about the Grahamstown Arts Festival is that you have to do it in February. Choosing a venue, paying hectically expensive registration fees, getting people to commit to time in July and forward planning the whole thing. There’s talk being bandied about to put together a Cape Town venue at the festival, with shows from some of the Cape Town theatre bigwigs. The idea is to do collective publicity, manage the door for each other and have a loverly foyer for festinos to come to. Nice idea.

top of the log, woodpile, whatever

And are me and Big Friendly the only two who are jumping up and down because the Kiwis whupped Australia again, pushing the Proteas to the top of the log for ODIs for the first time ever?

A lank kif show bru

Driving home from the Kalk Bay Theatre on a Sunday night is so bizarre. From Kalk Bay to Lakeside I was behind drivers who could ony have been stoned. 45km/h is their top speed. There is usually a driver and a passenger, and I can imagine the lull in conversation that happens before the passenger says, “Bru, what’s that noise?” Or something. The car then slowly floats from right to left in the narrow lane. Or maybe, “Shoo Bru, you going lank fast hey.”, before they slow to a crawl with not a robot or stop street in sight. I was forced to overtake about four cars like this in my Suzuki jeep, which only has a motorbike engine! Imagine the weird shift that happens then after the Paradise Road robots. All of a sudden, the larney cars all have GP number plates and the drivers have all done more than one line of coke. These guys have no passengers. They keep flashing their brights. They sit on the arse of cars in the fast lane, overtake on the inside, hoot and throw stompies out of their windows. Two of these on the same little stretch results in a competition. I don’t get it.

I was on my way back from Duncan Fahrenheit and The Lank Tired Okes; a one-man show created and performed by Pierre Malherbe. It was on tonight (Sunday) at the Kalk Bay Theatre and, because of public demand, it will have another Sunday slot next week, the 25th, so get there.

I loved the show. Pierre Malherbe has created three characters and they are really finely observed as well as very funny. And they are SO Cape Town, bru.The premise of the show is the reunion gig of Duncan Fahrenheit and the Lank Tired Okes at the closing down party of an Obz venue, The Autonomous Riempie Stool Cafe. Everything about Duncan is absolutely, horrifically typical, and hilarious. And the stand-up comic/emcee who introduces him is agonizing, and squirmily hilarious. Dean Street, the dj, is also spot on.

I forget what a good actor Pierre Malherbe is. His timing is excellent, he is versatile, he is very funny and he is cute. This is all good when you are doing a one man show. I was also tickled by his writing which is truly sparkly in places. And he has captured the dialogue and patois of each character, even in the two songs Duncan sings.

While certainly not life changing, DFATLTO is a brilliant way to spend a Sunday, or any other evening (maybe Pierre will do another run somewhere). It’s just about an hour long and I wasn’t bored for a moment.
Oh, and this show works really well in the intimate space of The Kalk Bay Theatre. Like I said, kif bru, fully.

I am Charlotte Simmons

I finished reading Tom Wolfe’s I am Charlotte Simmons this weekend. I loved it. It’s a hardcore satirical look at university USA and the kids that end up going there. He is a bit verbose but the story races along and it’s good. A lot of stuff reminded me of my own tarnished youth; and that weird and slightly disgusting thing of knowing that when I was at varsity in the darkest 80s we were saved by at least having something to struggle for.

Now I’m looking at Lisey’s Story by Stephen King, which seems a bit laborious – a kind of tribute to his wife, I think. I don’t know if I’ll ever get through it though.

Off to the world cup

So, last night the proteas slam-dunked poor ole Pakistan again, and the pre world cup warm-up for SA is done. Good on you, boykies. Now don’t get all arogant and over confident – the way ahead is very tough. Well done Polly – man of the match and of the series. They announce the squad today. Very exciting stuff.

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