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the arrival!

At 0825 this morning, the 31 May 2007, Hannah Erin came into the world. Our first niece. Big Friendly has been sobbing. Like a…baby. We are filled with delight and wonder. Our family grows. There is much love flowing.

headless chicken

It’s so weird! Ever since Sunday night (not counting the fact that I have had a brilliant time with family and friends) I have been a bit at a loose end. Ok, on Monday night I played TheatreSports for the first time in ages, which was fab. But, even though I am working really hard on many things, I haven’t had to go to the theatre every night. And I miss it. And it’s only been 3 nights. Even doing door, lights and sound is addictive. I don’t know. It’s that old fashioned thing of going to a dark and empty space; the big sound of turning the dimmers on, the crackle and boom of the mixing desk and amp, the stuffiness of the dressing room, the creakiness of the floorboards. Then, the space gradually transforms with the arrival of each and every audience member. SOHAR had a great second week with lots of people and brilliant feedback. So now there’s a small hole until Grahamstown.

It’s not really A HOLE as such. We play the TheatreSports funraiser on Saturday night at the SABC auditorium in Sea Point. There’s TheatreSports on Mondays at the Intimate and Tuesdays at the Kalk Bay Theatre. I am rehearsing Shez Sharon almost every day now, and a cute industrial theatre project which performs on Tuesday.

Then, next week we hold auditions for the upcoming (we start rehearsing in September) The Circus Side Show, another musical theatre collaboration between me and Graham Weir.

So, I’m not complaining. Although I am sure I will when I get to Grahamstown. It’s just…I like having to go to the theatre every night.

Maybe there’s something good to see?

weekend of love

My brother and his wife came to CT on the spur of the moment on Saturday arvie so they could be at the final show of SOHAR. How cool is that? We spent Sunday hanging out in Langebaan, at Die Strandloper. Yesterday I fetched my darling friend from the airport and he too spent the night last night. And what’s more, my cuzzin was also in town yesterday to deliver some stuff. So it’s been some few days (because my big best friend was also here on Thursday) of real love. I am happy.


This is Big Friendly’s new most favourite Afrikaans word. Any guesses what it is?

Living Proof

My best friend in the world came to visit for one night last night (she lives in Aussieland) and she got to see Songs of Hangings and Redemption. She is more obsessed with Springsteen than I could ever be, has a musical appreciation that is vast, layered and eccentric, and she loved the show. I am so glad she got a miracle chance to see it. When we were rehearsing she was constantly on my mind. It has been amazing, actually. We have had absolutely no publicity for the show and had to rely entirely on good reviews and word of mouth to spread the word. And it has worked. People are trickling in after being sent by friends or a good word in the press. And they are loving it. Yay.

PS. Only tonight and tomorrow left, for those interested.

horrified by sick images

I was having a business lunch in a chi chi restaurant yesterday and there was one of those big screen tvs behind the person I was meeting with. I thought I was going completely nuts when I saw a live cow being thrown off the back of a truck only to be shredded by a group of tigers! It was still alive after being mauled. This all took place in a huge like parking lot with tour busses in a circle surrounding the action. Then birds – ducks and chickens – were flung out of vehicles and snatched out of the air by the tigers. All this while people, adults and children, looked out from bus windows. The worst part is that the footage was part of a CNN loop, so before we had finished it came on again.

What the hell is that? I asked if anyone else had seen it and a friend said she had and it was in China. What the HELL? It’s the worst thing I have EVER seen. I am shocked and sickened and I struggle to close my eyes. I am disturbed and freaked out and am having nightmares. Did anyone else see it? Is there anything we can do?

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