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Month: September 2007 (Page 2 of 3)

almost 14 years old and still going strong

I’ve just got back from the Kalk Bay Theatre. We had a special performance of TheatreSports tonight. It was Lee-anne’s 23rd birthday celebration and we were the entertainment. Yee ha. They were a shy, quiet and polite bunch and I mentioned this to my fellow players before we went on stage. Not necessarily the best thing for keeping the show nice and pretty and clean. We had fruit flies copulating in wine glasses on Camps Bay beach. We had dead relatives in some weird mud tunnel. We had a Shakespearian tragedy that required the apothecary to remove her third nipple with a broad sword. Know what I mean? The KBT staff were hysterical while they watched from the balcony. I think the birthday party was shell-shocked. They didn’t say much. We had a brilliant time though.

PS. And I know it’s kind of weird and a bit shmaltzy but I want to dedicate last night’s show to my late father Lazer whose birthday it was.


I am struggling to keep my supper down. Losers and chokers. The Poepteas fade again. Sies. I suppose I could be grateful that they aren’t in the semi-finals; I get my life back. But I am disgusted. Really. What were they thinking? And I was so tuned in to the whole 2020 thing. Some radical new coaching, thinking and planning needs to happen with SA cricket. I know we have the talent, we just need someone to manage it. Blah blah blah. I swear, I’m prepared to put money on Mickey Arthur telling the press that it’s just a game. I might have to throw darts at an image of him. And of Smith. Sies.

hectic ek se

It’s been a week I tell you. My favourite industrial theatre project is up and running. I went to watch a performance yesterday and it was great! Rehearsals are hurtling ahead for A Circus Side Show which is particularly intense. We perform a special TheatreSports show at KBT tomorrow night and Shez Sharon has a final performance on Saturday night. Hectic! I want to try and see Good Evening on Saturday as well. And yesterday it was summer here in Slaap Stad. It didn’t last; it’s cold again today. Go figure.

deep mid wicket

Addictive, isn’t it? Yesterday was insane, with three games. I have an opinion on everything, even Australia’s silly new clothes. I think 2020 is my new favourite thing. Viva Albie Morkel viva. I even like the ridiculous dancers and the pathetic fireworks that pop and fizzle out of the Newlands scoreboard. I even like the stupid ‘next batsman’ intros on TV. I just hate the ‘natural born hitter’ ads. It’s simple. Too much of a good thing. I mean, every time there’s a break? And let’s face it, there’s still TONS of 2020 to come.

Already 17 September

Where has this year gone? No really. I can’t believe that I have been blogging for nine months. I can’t believe that it’s ‘end of year function’ time already. I can’t believe that we need to think about what we’re doing for Christmas. I can’t believe that in Cape Town it is still winter. I can’t believe that A  Circus Side Show opens on the 14th of October and Shez Sharon only has two more shows this week. What happened? Where are my crocs? How did I manage to put on so much weight? How can it nearly be (in October) TheatreSports Cape Town’s 14th birthday? Can the Taiwanese refugee dogs be old ladies? I better go walk them and get ready for rehearsals. I’m on this train.


Me and Big Friendly are still sickish. Can you believe it? I’ve been sick for two weeks now. Ridiculous. After rehearsals I have come home and spent most of the time on the couch in front of the TV. I’ve been lucky. The T2020 or whatever it’s called has been really exciting.

Shez Sharon has three more nights to run; tonight, Wednesday and next Saturday. I am very proud of that show.

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