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Month: November 2007 (Page 2 of 4)

Pongrats Proteas

Well, it must be said, that was a thorough out and out drubbing! Eish! Viva Dale Steyn viva.  Two tenfors in two tests. The guy is a bowling machine let loose. Now Kapitan, how about a run or two, just for ntha?

Library, shoosh

I’ve just come back from opening evening of Library, the final production in Artscape’s Season of New Writing. The script is by Juliet Jenkin, whose first play The Boy Who Fell from the Roof premiered at the first season two years ago and has gone on tour all over to much acclaim and a few awards, I’m told.

The play is set in, wait for it, a…library. And it’s about the three people who work there and two of their clients/lenders or whatever they are. It’s a bit of light lust, laughter and literacy with some cute and corny jokes.

Library is directed by Francesco Nassimbeni, who played The Boy in The Boy Who Fell (if I have to type that again I’m doing TBWFFTR), and sadly, that was the first mistake. The script is a bit of cute fluff, with lots of one-liners that frame a sweet but trivial plot. In terms of direction it should be character-driven, tight, technical comedy that happens at breakneck speed, not giving the audience a chance to see the holes. I suppose, in fairness, there isn’t really enough script for that; this version lasted just under an hour. Now, I don’t know Frankie, but I’m guessing that he just doesn’t have the necessary experience to handle that kind of technical comedy. So, give it to someone who does, and they can then do the script more justice. I mean, it is the Season of New Writing!

The cast was ok and everyone had their moments, some more than others, but I’m convinced that the same cast would have risen to the occasion more with a firmer hand. Adrienne Pierce, who was the mom in TBWFFTR, was physically very funny, Jennifer Aldridge and Eben Genis had funny and sweet moments, but the performances didn’t gel and there was very little magic.

There were a few lovely things, like the coloured books on the bookshelves and the The Smiths song at the end, but, to be honest, the opening night soup and vetkoek from the mama from Langa was my highlight.


Jutro means tomorrow in Polish. A bit like the Cape Town attitude when it comes to getting around to going to the theatre. Tonight’s 1800 show was full though. Word has got around, even if it is the penultimate night of performance.

I know writing about this piece now is a bit like a M&G review, great but too late, but I did finally get there and it was a really beautiful show.

Jutro is the creation of Keren Tahor and James Cuningham who perform the piece and they are directed by Helen Iskander. The story is an incredibly simple love story between a Jewish cabaret singer and a gentile barman trapped in a bombed out theatre in Nazi occupied Poland.

The set is quaint and very period, the dust is a little too real, the lighting evocative, the music Eastern European heart string pulling and the script simple. It is the acting that makes this show brilliant. This is the best work I have seen Keren do. Her character is beautiful and magical and poignant. We really get to care about her in the short hour we spend with her. James however, steals the show. His portrayal of Januz, the bartender is magnificent. I could not take my eyes off him. His movement, timing, voice, emotion, commitment and presence was riveting. And the two of them certainly made magic together. If you read this today, go see Jutro tomorrow.

TheatreSports Rocks

Last night’s show of TheatreSports was truly fantastic. We had a biggish crowd at The Kalk Bay Theatre and as a team we just rocked. The audience was in stitches from beginning to end and we all had the best time. Highlights included a fantastic Shakespeare set in a brand new nightclub and a ‘three style scene’ called Death of a Mosquito, which followed the story of a gangster snitch called Millie the Mosquito. It was rousing! I hope it inspired members of the audience to stick a nose in next week for our marathon of TheatreSports performances to celebrate our 14th birthday!

and then there was the cricket

It was a long drive from Jozi back home to Slaap Stad, broken by a stop-over in Hanover, at the famous 3 Darling Street guest house, now owned by Dave and Heather. All of the serious camp and red, purple and gold of the previous owners is gone, replaced by a more sedate and amazing/tacky traditional Karoo look. It was an excellent place to stop, regroup, eat and sleep. Hanover itself is seriously depressing though, with a huge unemployed community and serious alcohol dependence issues.

What kept our first day of traveling in my new smallcar entertaining was listening to the ball by ball cricket commentary on Radio 2000. Listening to Jacques Kallis’s heartbreaking dismissal on 186, just before his never achieved double century was unbelievable and Big Friendly and I were finished! Then, as we left somewhere, before we got to Hanover, I fiddled with the radio and we lost signal. We didn’t get it back and it was so frustrating. Yesterday was the same, with only RSG reception intermittently. We did listen to The Neil Gaiman Audio Collection, a collection of children’s stories written and narrated by Neil Gaiman, including The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish. They are fantastic, wacky stories, brilliantly and simply told.

Then, we came through the tunnel outside Worcester and boom! we were listening to Radio Lotus. We managed to hear the final nails going into the Black Caps’ coffin as they lost the game in their worst ever test defeat and the Poepteas’ (I feel bad) biggest test victory.

fresh hectic start

It’s going to be a crazy week, I tell ya. I have a very interesting, exciting yet painful piece of forum theatre to construct this week for a company wanting to explore some hard-core issues, it’s the TheatreSports birthday week of performances next week with shows on every night, Monday(The Intimate) to Saturday (the rest at The Kalk Bay Theatre), I need to sort out all the paperwork on my new smallcar and I have to have to have to go back to gym. Yowzer.

Also, I am completely overdrawn with regard to seeing (and writing about) any theatre. What’s on?

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