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How beautiful and strange is the universe? After writing my dog saga this morning I got an email from a family member who lives overseas to let me know that her doggie had died. She also sent a poem that she had written about her dog long ago and when I read it I cried. Here it is, with her permission.

Ragged black flag
Held high
She skitters
Full of purpose
And pee.

To think of her
Is to feel the feel of her.
The hard little head
That ducks
And butts
Under my hand.
The warm silk of belly
Humbly exposed.
Her compact body
Is dense with love

I am pack leader,
But she is queen of time.
For she doesn’t know
–As I know–
That we won’t sit here
For ever.

It’s a dog’s life!

Other than my ‘what’s in it’ here on megan’s head I haven’t written much about the Taiwanese refugees Bayla and Gally, who are my (and Big Friendly’s) big loves. Bayla, the Collie x has been part of my life for almost eight years and Gally the Labby x for six. I love these dogs. They are total personalities and give us mountains of joy and hours of amusement.

Bayla, the black dog, is neurotic and complicated. She is terrified of fireworks and thunder, the hosepipe, hates plastic bags and is completely traumatised by kites, but she adores motor bikes, garbage trucks and beetles. She guilt trips me, blackmails me and refuses to eat when she is in a sulk, making me feel terrible and like a bad mother. She has weak back legs (from an abscess she had when living on a dump in Taiwan as a puppy) and jumping into the back of Big Friendly’s bakkie is a daily challenge and saga. Yet she is playful and coy and loves all other dogs, especially big scary ones.

Gally is white and gorgeous. She is uncomplicated and kind and full of love. She needs affection after supper and can go into a bit of a trance from head massages. When she walks her hips sway. On the beach she will find a piece of something and take it far away to bury it, digging the hole with her paws but covering it with her nose. She doesn’t enjoy public displays of affection. It was Gally who stamped her approval of Big Friendly on his knee when we first met by putting her paw firmly on it. That was the beginning of a huge love story, between me and Big Friendly and between Big Friendly and Gally. Gally is scared of big dogs, loves Jack Russell types and when she gets scared or intimidated she hits other dogs on the tops of their heads with her strong front paws.

We walk the girls every morning, come rain or shine. Bayla is always impatient to leave because she bounces up in the morning ready to rock ‘n roll. Gally takes her time in the morning, staying in bed and easing into the day.

Neither dog is interested in fetching balls. Bayla will play soccer with a ball for two minutes, but only in the house. She has a soft toy frog that she loves and nibbles him very gently, never breaking the fabric. Gally doesn’t get it at all. Which is why today on the field the two of them were totally hilarious. Bayla found a bit of a sprinkler system and showered, played in and chewed at the water, having the best time ever. Then Gally found a small stick! Bayla somehow got the stick from Gally and ran around with it in her mouth like a cigar! Then Gally got the stick back, ran around with it, lay down on it and rolled on it. Oh the fun! Back home, they are lolling around in the passage. Tired and happy.

DSC00097 DSC00098

Crazy Games

I was at my local having a very long and delicious chat about life, work, kids (hers), dogs (ours), vets (shared) politics (ours and theirs) and history (personal and global)with an interesting and amazing somebody, when we bumped into lekker and super funny guy Kurt Schoonraad and both of us wanted to talk and laugh about Kurt’s new TV job presenting Crazy Games with Rob van Vuuren. Big Friendly and I caught a bit of an episode on TV and we almost sobbed with laughter. 11 It’s a most bizarre game competition live show where teams compete by doing the strangest physical challenges. I didn’t see a whole show but I almost died of laughter when the contestants, two at a time, dressed in Dassie suits had to row, run, go on a conveyor belt to catch a big foam worm and then jump into a hole in a pink moving mountain thinggy and then end by waving the worm through another hole. I can’t explain. It is the funniest thing ever. Apparently the show has become a huge success. Try and catch it. It’s on on Saturdays on SABC2. What a lag!

Here’s a pic of Kurt I stole from his website.


I am finding toingtoing fascinating reading. Dip in. It is eclectic, academic, futuristic, funny and completely out there. RRN finds the weirdest stuff and makes such interesting connections. Check it out.

The moral high ground of Hofmeyr

 steve I am always the last to find out the gutter gossip, but splashed all over the web today is news of Steve Hofmeyr’s affair and his response to the skandal on his blog. Now, let me state at the outset that I am not ignorant or naive and I know that every sort of person falls into the hole of having an affair. I do not condone such behaviour but I am not surprised by the news of it. My own personal beliefs do not include the possibility, but this is not about me. This is about Steve Hofmeyr. Now, we all know that he is no angel and has illegitimate children floating around and he bashed a reporter that year at the KKNK festival, but more recently he has been promoting himself as a quasi-political figure and demanding a return to morality, the defence of women and children victims of crime and abuse, anti-corruption from our leaders, blah blah blah. In fact, I remember him being interviewed on TV as a moral authority on some of these issues. I also remember thinking, "Hold on a minute. Steve? You?"

Well, one point he made in a more rambling explanation was, "…but I don’t expect my enemy to rest before we have been crushed completely. So be it. It’s my enemy’s turn. I’m taking the punch on the chin." I think he is referring to the media here for running with the story of his affair. No apologies, no ‘I have been lying to you the public and to you my wife’ stuff, just a lashing out at ‘his enemy’. Now, Steve, if I was you, I would start saying sorry, and not stop until every tannie and teen, oke and queen who has supported you has heard. You made a big mistake Steve, a hurtful, bad mistake. Not the media, not the girl, not your price of fame, YOU.

get voting for something that counts!

It’s not often that the public or ‘the people’ get to say what their favourite thing was in theatre, but the Fleur du Cap awards are giving these same people a chance to vote for their favourite show last year, and then the most voted for show will win a cash prize at the awards ceremony on the 9 March. Now, I’m not saying what or who you should vote for, but you can go through all my reviews of last year and many of them were really really good.

Of course Theatresports is not on that list; I can’t figure out why, but I’ve run out of ideas about getting Theatresports recognised as legit, amazing, popular theatre.

Brent Meersman also carried a thing on his blog where you could vote for a show last year but I didn’t see the results, if there were any.

And because I can, I’m going to put two pictures here of my favourite shows. How rude am I? Graham Weir and Rory Avenstrup in A Circus Side Show and Nicole Franco in Shez Sharon.

Circus Pic 16 onphone

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