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Month: October 2008 (Page 2 of 5)

why pigs?

pigs I’ve just come back from walking the dogs solo this morning. I am on the verge of recovery but Big Friendly is man down now with a flu that has gone to his chest. When I walk the dogs without Big Friendly I take more notice of everything around me. Today I started my regular fume with what pigs people are. On the tiny field where we walk there are bottle necks, pieces of clothes and shoes, bits of polystyrene (my worst), empty cans, you name it. There is a special bin in the park to dispose of dog pooh. You would think that dog walkers would ‘get it’. I mean, they walk in the same park every day. If they don’t clean up today they’ll walk into their own dog’s shit tomorrow. But no.

litter0205_468x550 So I was stomping around the field thinking, “What pigs people are”, and then it dawned on me, those poor pigs get the raw end of that deal. They’re angels compared to us.

I also realised that I live in the constant hope that things will improve, that children will learn, that all of a sudden people will give a shit about our areas, neighbourhoods, cities, countries, planet. But it’s not going to happen. It is getting worse. Just walk along Milnerton beach and see what gets washed up. There I go again. I’ve just worked myself up into a total rage.


I have mumps. One of the very few people who get them twice; I already had them as a kid and I remember the photos of my brother and I with chipmunk faces. Ouch. My salivary glands are swollen, distended and very painful. I can’t believe it.

To cheer me up though, TheatreSports got a five star review in the Cape Times today, and you can see it on line here. I am so proud.

just don’t tell me to…

Chill. Don’t tell me to chill. Who ever thought that one up? If someone is getting upset, the last thing they want to hear is “just chill”. Don’t tell me to relax. Same shit different word.

Don’t tell me, this isn’t personal but. It’s a lie. It’s either personal or not personal. The but means that you’re saying it isn’t, but it is.

Don’t say sorry if you aren’t. I can tell if you mean it or not.

Don’t tell me it’s “it’s not my problem”. I know. I don’t need to hear it from you. It might be my problem but maybe you’re the cause.

And don’t mention waking up or beds or wrong sides. My bed has one side. It’s the same story every day.

‘The so much better than it sounds’ Frogs

In a dramatic upturn to my week that wasn’t, I saw the last performance of Taryn Bennet’s show Frogs at The Kalk Bay Theatre last night. Now I know that writing about a show the morning after its run has ended is like hitching the wrong way up a one way street, or smoking in the shower, but, Ugli Bob (who is involved in this show, and does the teeniest walk on too) was telling me that there are two performances at The Intimate at the very end of the month and I can’t tell you enough how you should make an effort to see this delightful show.

I must be honest, the title, press release and other reviews of Frogs have not done it justice. I kept reading that it was a tiny show, and bleak, with a glimmer of hope at the end. And sometimes, especially after the miserable time I’ve had, the last thing you feel like is ‘slit your wrist’ theatre. My experience of it was totally different. Although Taryn herself is micro woman, her performance and energy on stage is huge. Although the subject matter is the lonely life of a waitress/mime, Taryn tackles it with gusto, enthusiasm and boisterousness. The show crackles and pops and skips along, and I spent all of it smiling and even laughing out loud. There were moments of sadness and pulling at the heart strings in this very genuine story, but on the whole I felt it could have gone on for hours and I would have been delighted, involved and very entertained. Taryn is hilarious, quirky and adorable. Her timing is fantastic. I absolutely loved the show.

The title Frogs is misleading though, and I spoke to Taryn about it afterwards. It’s not that it doesn’t make sense, it’s just a bit obscure (and I can’t help thinking, a bit off-putting). So, take my word for it, and try and see it at The Intimate.

Oh, and I need to mention that The Kalk Bay Theatre are reducing their prices! Times are tough and one of the first things that happens is people say that they can’t afford theatre. Well, Simon and his team have decided to make theatre and food unavoidably cheap. Check out their new pricing structure for Gaetan Schmid’s new show Rump Steak opening on Wednesday.

Weird stuff

early this morning I came across the news story of the guy who forced the Moodleys off the road in an act of road rage, attacked their car with a sword (no joke), stepped back into the road when the Moodleys pulled off, and was hit by three cars, resulting in his death. I mean no disrespect here and I think this was a terrible and untimely way to die. But. It so often happens that the victim is the one who gets hurt or even killed. The story is so weird that if I hadn’t been at the receiving end of some road rage when I was up in Jozi recently I would have found it hard to believe. Not that this story stands alone in the weirdness category! Hau people. It’s been a week of weird shit, let me tell ya.

post script

Fred and Marcel responded gracefully to my open letter in a private email and promised to forward their retraction to all recipients of the original letter, as well as my response.

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