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Still Celebrating!

On Friday morning at the crack of dawn we (a small TheatreSports team) drove to Plett for a performance. I drove the cricket car, listening to the commentary all the  way. And there were some absolute gems, I tell you. Radio commentary is a whole new ball game (‘scuse the pun), with anecdotes about Sea Gulls being bowled to death in mid air, long discussions about some Aussie horse and cart races (I kid you not!) and my new favourite word, Bowlology! Yes! And that’s not me getting a Kiwi accent wrong. Bowlology!

It was an exciting drive there but a really tense one on the way back. Luckily, because of the rain delay, we were able to listen to commentary right up to the last ball of the day, the timing was perfect.

By yesterday morning I was already safely at home and in front of the box (thank Big  Friendly for DSTV). We were up really early and watched the (soon to be renamed by me) Poepteas take victory. What a delightful result! I was nervous as we went into this series with Oz. I didn’t think that warm up series with Kenya and Bangladesh were great prep by the Poepteas. Oz, on the other hand, played India and New Zealand. Anyway, the result was fantastic, with records broken and new stats flying around all over the place. Delicious. I am counting the days to Boxing Day.

Do NOT miss NOT The Midnight Mass

files.php I went on Thursday night to their final preview ( I was away in Plett for their opening on Friday) and it was fabulous. This is perfect summer holiday fare; funny, quirky, balanced, artful and totally feel good.

Not The Midnight Mass celebrates its 21st birthday with this incarnation and it is worth the trip to Theatre on The Bay to have the best time ever in a theatre.

Genius anchors Graham Weir and Christine Weir are joined by Amanda Tiffin (who has blossomed into the most amazing actress; she always was a dream of a singer), Jason Ralph who is divine to watch singing with his magnificent voice, and the hugely huge and talented Pierre van Heerden who is made for this type of work.

I was jealous not to be involved this time. I love Not the Midnight Mass and have directed and stage managed the show a few times over the years. But after I got over the jealousy I sat forward in my seat and blommed. There are the old faves The Hallelujah Chorus, Wuthering HeightsGraham’s original Eh Barahn. There are some new surprises and some brilliant re-workings. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the TV theme medley and that’s probably because the volume in the first half was a bit down and it needed to be a bit more punchy.

I swear, this is a show that people need to see this holiday. It cheers your soul. If you are choosing what to spend your theatre money on then choose this.


It has to be said. Lekota gave an impressive multi-lingual speech, saying all the right things, on Dec 16. He has made Obamaesque promises about commitment and hard work and what will be good for the country. All good stuff.

What is niggling me though is Alan Boesak having an important position. Now, I know he has done his time, but I still find it hard to hear him go on and on about the lack of morality of the ANC, and his preaching about COPE being the new moral voice. It just doesn’t sit lekker with me. I took Alan Boesak’s fraud conviction very badly. In the eighties when I was a UCT student and the country was in the worst and most frightening turmoil, the reverend Alan Boesak was my hero. He spoke, he motivated, he mobilised us. Years later he was convicted of fraud. He was found guilty of misusing funds given to an organisation established to help children! Hau bo. No, not lekker at all. Maybe if he at least spoke about it, it would be a bit better. But he has said nothing. Not even sorry.

I do believe that COPE needs to be very clear about who hops on board. The party shouldn’t be a reservoir for every failed ANC member.

Steve the hero

I am sorry; I promised myself that I wouldn’t mention Steve Hofmeyr on this blog again, but I can’t resist. I have just read that he threw a cuppa in the face of YOU/Huisgenoot editor Esmare Weideman because he holds her (and two other journalists) responsible for the fact that he will have a treeless Christmas without the company of his boys. Now, the only way these cherries could be in any way responsible is if they were the ones he shagged when he was busy betraying his now ex-wife. Steve, boytjie, at some point you are just going to have to take responsibility and blame yourself. And throw the tea in your own face wena! What a moegoe.

Festive, funny TheatreSports

jump So, last night was our last TheatreSports show of the year at The Kalk Bay Theatre (we have one show left this year in Plett on Friday night) and it was such a goodie, I am still giggling. It was a great way to end off what has been a kick ass year for TheatreSports in Cape Town. We celebrated our 15th year of performance with many beautiful shows, trained many beautiful people and made many new theatre goers.

Highlights of last night’s show: Ryan and Tandi’s duet I Killed your Granny with my Broom, Leon and Jess’s Speck with the cockroach taking x-rays, the outrageous Shakespeare Understudy and the grand finale Musical Style Replay with a return appearance of the cockroach.

The audience was smallish but totally appreciative. They screamed for more. We had an absolute ball. Big thanks to Kalk Bay Theatre, The Intimate and all who have come and joined us in our merry madness.

Not my favourite

This is not my favourite time of year. The roads are busy, there is no parking, the shopping centres are jammed, the kids are bored, the beaches are full and the theatres are empty. People are spending money that they don’t have on crap that they don’t need.

One thing that I am quite pleased about though is the new hard-core approach that has been taken to drunk driving this festive season. I know of two stories where people have been tested and arrested on the side of the road, and it is definitely influencing how people drink when they are going to be driving.

It was our TheatreSports end of year celebration last night and we went out after the show. All the designated drivers were having one drink and no more. I want to extend this responsible attitude to friends and family out there. Please don’t drink and drive.


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