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Month: January 2009 (Page 2 of 5)

Radio 2000

I got an interesting call today from a producer of a show on radio 2000 who asked to speak to meganshead! I was so proud. Anyway, he is doing a programme tomorrow morning on an article that explored why black professionals don’t want to live and work in Cape Town and he was looking for a Cape Town blogger with strong opinions to debate the issue, so he asked me!

meganshead is going places I tell you. I am so chuffed.

So, naturally I have an opinion on the subject matter, even though I am white and decidedly unprofessional in many ways. But I did feel obliged to read the article and it makes for depressing reading. Cape Town is considered cold, unfriendly, a career suicide kind of backwater, without a black middle class. And it’s true. I must admit that I think it’s probably career suicide for any professional, regardless of their colour, because, let’s face it, Capetonians hate to work. The mere thought of it makes them hysterical. The last thing they want is a bunch of young, upwardly mobile black diamonds arriving early, staying late and making cash!

Anyway, let’s see what happens on the show. It’s at 07h50 tomorrow morning.

After 49 hours

I’m home after a stressful, fun and ultimately rewarding evening, although the theatre judges were very obscure and, unlike the other disciplines, we weren’t actually awarded Best blah blah blah, which was quite nice; the pieces are always so different.  I love the idea of the 48hr festival, even though there are hiccups that go with the territory.  My script was a Greek Tragedy, which we turned into an episode of Survivor, with a director, camera person, tribes, logs, fire place, bandanas and flags. It turned out pretty cool actually.

I look forward to the next one. Viva PANSA (and most especially the very cool and organised Nthombi.)

Almost there

I’ve had a short break and I’m almost off again; back to the theatre for the performance. We are in the second half, after interval and I’m too tired to even be nervous. It’s been fun but totally intense and I feel like we’ve been working for weeks, not just hours. My cast is great. Big Friendly and even my boet in Jozi pulled through big time for me (and organised me my soundtrack) and my designer/fifth performer has jumped in and made magic.  So here goes!

12 hours in

It’s 06h10 in the morning and I can’t pretend to sleep anymore. I am properly wide awake and my brain is churning. How on earth am I going to put a play together to be performed this evening? I still have to find music, scratch around for bits of costumes and props, and then be at rehearsals at 08h30 this morning. It’s going to be a weird day. That’s the only thing I know for sure. The good news is that I’ve been blessed with an excellent, talented, positive cast. They have gone with my concept wholeheartedly, which is quite an ask. Big Friendly is also up and trying to find me the music on the web.

And speaking of Big Friendly and the web; I am so lucky to be married to a webmaster. You see, yesterday Big Friendly outed a troll. Huh? you may ask, as I did when he told me about it. A troll is a little somebody who gets their tail in a knot on the internet and leaves comments pretending to be from different people. Somebody who leaves comments with the intent of antagonising and offending. There is a saying amongst web geeks that goes "don’t feed the troll", don’t respond, in other words. You see, I couldn’t understand how an innocent comment of mine, became such an interesting focus for four people who have me on their hate list. After not much scratching, and because Big Friendly knows how to look and how it works, he showed me how all the comments came from the same IP number. So, even if you leave different email addresses and nicknames, we can still see where they come from, Eishwena. Now, in the past I have allowed everybody and anybody who isn’t spam to leave a comment on meganshead. I like a completely open, responsive forum, especially since I know that there will be people who will disagree with me on things. But I can still throw them out if I want to. I never have up until now. But henceforth James/Dewald/Eishwena/Anon, you’re gone baby, solid gone.

In the middle of 48hrs!

I thought it might be quite fun to put down my thoughts and feelings as the fest goes along but I think fun is exactly the wrong word! I have just come back from meeting my writer. And I am in a state of absolute shock and terror. He told me about the script (although I haven’t seen it yet!) and I am beyond terrified. We meet again at 18h00, when I get my cast. Even more terrifying because now I have an inkling of what the play is about.

Wish me luck. Spit three times. Make voodoo and spells. I’m going to need it.

When Stupidity is a crime

"When a woman didn’t enjoy it, she leaves early in the morning. Those who had a nice time will wait until the sun comes out, request breakfast and ask for taxi money," Malema said. To a group of students. Will somebody please arrest this man for being illegally stupid? It goes beyond offensive. 

Just to put it in context for those of you who don’t know, Julius Malema, ANC youth league big mouth and Zuma flag waver has been trying to clear his hero’s name in his election campaign. Well, one thing we know for sure is, Malema really knows how to treat a lady. Oh arrest him! Please arrest him!

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