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Month: February 2009 (Page 2 of 6)

The Wrestler

We have just come back from seeing The Wrestler at The Labia, and I am feeling totally shattered. I confess that I felt obligated to see it since Springsteen wrote the song for it, but by the time the song came up at the end for the credits I literally couldn’t move.

It’s a ‘real-life’ story about a wrestler who has gone to seed, and it is unbelievably sad, beautifully shot, excellently directed by Darren Aronofsky, but most importantly, it’s the best acting I have seen in a while. In fact, Mickey Rourke gives a performance that is beyond comparison to anything I have seen before. I don’t know how to even write about it. Marisa Tomei is also quite extraordinary as a lap and pole dancer. I will not really believe it if Mickey Rourke doesn’t win the Oscar for this performance although I haven’t seen the other performances in contention.

Don’t go and see The Wrestler when you’re having a bad day. Don’t go when life is feeling hard and you are feeling old. But make sure you go.

Director: Darren Aronofsky

That Feeling

DSC00350 It was that colour

Not quite ready for full daylight

And there was that feeling

When I woke up and wasn’t sweating

It was that sadness feeling

that has gone now that the sun shines

glarebright off the roof of my car

                                                               That warns us that

                                                               Summer is over.

Open letter to the Organ Donors

It’s that time of the year again with all the Pick ‘n Pay Argus cyclists clogging up the roads, practicing for the big race. And I have had it with them. Honestly, they behave like cars don’t exist! And I absolutely refuse to hear their moaning about how horrible drivers are. It’s all their ridiculous fault. The other day I drove up the hill on Boyes Drive and almost smack bang into a cyclist, huffing and puffing his way up, in the middle of the road. There were cars coming the other way, so I was literally stuck behind him. I hooted and he went berserk. He gave me the finger and then the whole hand as I squeezed past him and I had to force myself to resist the urge to bump him! Really, what’s the deal here? Surely the logic of it is very simple? Cars are bigger, stronger and faster. On a bike you are exposed, slow and weak. Get out of the way! You could get hurt.

Can somebody please explain?

So for almost two years the whole of SA has been thinking of ways to use less electricity. In fact, domestic households have been punished for large consumption, by having to pay more over a certain amount. Businesses have been challenged to use less, threats about blackouts were rampant. The coal stores were depleted. Warnings about demand constantly exceeding supply happened on a daily basis. The only solutions Eksdom could give were the building of outrageously expensive and untested pebble bed reactors, or that SA needed to use less electricity and be charged more.

So SA listened. Less electricity was used. Then there was the ‘global downturn’. And sure as shit Eksdom are trying to pull a brand new bullshit argument out of the pipeline (excuse all the mixed metaphors). Now, wait for it, because SA is not using enough electricity, the price is going to have to go up. I kid you not. WTF?

Was anyone else watching last night?

For cricket purists the Kaboom 20/20 series might not hold much interest, being short, splat and domestic (not to mention the really kak name!). Last night though, Big Friendly and I were glued to the box for the most exciting Kaboom semi finals ever; both at more or less the same time! The Warriors and the Eagles played in PE and the Cobras (my team) and the Dolphins (Big Friendly’s) played in Durbs. And it was totally, nailbitingly hectic, with both games ending in a tie and both having to go into a bowl out, where three batsmen per side and a bowler from the other have to play just one deciding over. Although my team did win eventually, it almost didn’t matter, the circumstances were amazing and I can just imagine the cricket stats guys going nuts working out the odds of two semis going to a tie. It was extraordinary. Kaboom!

deVilliersCJ090215CelebratesG310 GibbsHerschelle090215BattingG310


So Carl Niehaus faked his whole CV, has no education or degrees, does not serve on any boards, real or chaaf chaaf, and managed to con a travel agent into…wait for it…giving him a free holiday in Mauritius so that he could recover from chemo he didn’t have for cancer he didn’t have.

And yet, there was a travel agent stupid enough to be conned by this. Enough to give him a free holiday!

On Tuesday The Star reported that Cheryl Clur, owner of the Let’s Travel travel agency in East London, said that Niehaus had defrauded her by convincing her to organise him a free holiday in Mauritius.

He told her he had leukaemia and that he needed to recover after receiving chemotherapy. She lost R90 000.

That’s what it said on News24 today. And I can’t believe my muddy browns. Where did she ‘lose’ that money? I’ve got a few ideas, but I don’t think she would find it without some kind of probe!

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