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The Joy

It was cold and miserable last night, but that didn’t stop a whole bunch of people coming to TheatreSports, and it was a real goodie. Ryan emceed for the first time and he rocked. He was just the right amount of charming, chatty, informative and involved. Bravo!

We did a few really good scenes and there were a few completely ‘out there’ suggestions from the audience. We had an expert in ‘dairy cow fluffing’, an opera called ‘The Butcher of the Ghetto’ and an inventor who had mad a time machine out of peanut butter. Our last game was a sci-fi musical.

We have a show tonight and next week, and then we leave fro G’town. Come check us out.

Oh, and we have two very sexy new banners! I am so excited.


Noah is coming!

Yesterday afternoon a handful of us gathered in the rehearsal room in Woodstock to see a run through of Noah of Cape Town. Jaci had warned us earlier that the cast were nowhere near ready to be doing a run through; they had only really done detailed work on act 1 and they weren’t ready for an audience. I think she was protecting them and making sure that everybody understood how early on in the process it is. And there is no set, no costumes, no anything, except for the cast.

Needless to say, we were all totally blown away. Literally. Jaci, Amanda and the cast are doing the most amazing job. The story is being brought to life in the most conscious, creative and honest way. And as for the music, it is magnificent. Although it is quite long; almost two hours, it is absolutely riveting.

You know that thing where you are watching something completely amazing and every time anyone does something or sings or says something you think that they are your best, until the next person sings or speaks? That’s what happened to me yesterday. I fell in love with 16 people. Hopelessly, overwhelmingly in love. This cast is unbelievable.

Sometimes I wish all people could see this part of the rehearsal process. It is so raw, so alive, so electric. I was honoured and grateful and terribly emotional. But not as emotional as Simon Cooper, who was wracked with sobs at the end of the run. Oh Simon, our dreams are literally coming true. Our dreams are coming true.

Lineup OPTION 1_small

Yes! Elizabeth: Almost By Chance a Woman

liz What a great way to break the drought of plays. I am a reluctant and stingy standing ovationer but I was quickly up on my feet to applaud the cast, but mainly, Robyn Scott, lead supreme of this fantastic show.

Last night at the Little Theatre was exactly how theatre should be. There was a buzz in the air. The full house of audience came early and ate pies and drank beer (what a cool idea). Then we went inside and saw a brilliant script fantastically executed.

Elizabeth: Almost By Chance a Woman is the most unwieldy title of a delicious comedy written by genius and Nobel prize for Literature winner, playwright Dario Fo. Its subject is Queen Elizabeth, who is completely off her rocker. It is this that helps make this theatrical experience so wonderful. The play’s subject matter is irreverent and completely obscure, yet the brilliant script draws you in and the journey is a theatrical delight.

The supporting cast in this production are great. My favourite was Nicholas Dallas who plays Egerton. He is hilarious. Shirley Johnston has the unbelievably difficult job of playing poor Martha and she does so very well. It is a bit like the teeniest moon orbiting the biggest planet; but that’s what it is. Scott Sparrow in a dress and playing Dame Grosslady is weird and hilarious in turns. I had no idea what he was talking about for most of the time, but even that was very, very funny. Jaco Nothnagel and James MacGregor were also delightful in their small parts.

But, let’s face it, it’s the Robyn Scott show. And she is mind blowing. I don’t know where it comes from, but every nuance, movement, sound, tic, step, gesture, pause, cry, every moment is theatrical magic. She is riveting, hilarious, moving and huge. It is no small feat to pull off a monster of a part like this, and she is totally brilliant.

Chris Weare is in his directorial element here. You can see the fun he had with this one. And Daniel Galloway’s lighting, in the difficult Little Theatre, was really, really good. I also have to mention the costumes by Penny Simpson from Artscape, which were absolutely fabulous.

So, I imagine the long and obscure title is not going to make people run off to book tickets, therefore I am taking on the role of urging, nagging, cajoling and threatening people. Guys, if you miss this one you really will miss out. This is what theatre is all about.


I just love this.


Pre G’town slump

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I saw a play! I’m going to try and see Elizabeth – almost by chance a woman this week. Anything else I should be doing?

Harsh realities

It’s true; I am a snob, especially when it’s 2.15 am and I can’t breathe, which is what happened to me early on Saturday morning. I had caught a flu and suddenly it went to my asthmatic chest. I needed to go onto a nebuliser and it needed to happen quickly so I had to choose a private medical facility. I needed to know that I could arrive and go straight for treatment. So off Big Friendly screeched to the Cape Town Medi Clinic. I was totally on the right track; there was only a sleepy guard in casualties when we drove up in the rain.

Now here’s the thing. The little receptionist’s first question was “How?”, and she wasn’t asking how I had got sick. It was card or cash. Before she had my name or even my condition she needed to make sure I could and would pay. You need to see a doctor before they treat and that is a standard fee. Added to that is the cost of whatever the treatment is. It was a whack, let me tell you. I have not one single complaint about the treatment I got, the facilities, the kind and alert staff or the sexy Dr Naidoo who was shocked that my GP had not given me an antibiotic earlier on Friday. On the whole it was a totally professional operation and I got everything I needed, including my breath back.

What I left with too was the cold, harsh reality that I was one of those who would find a way to afford that kind of treatment and care. A state hospital was not an option I even considered, even though I am a free lance somebody without medical aid. And I was struck by how few of us have those options.

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