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Month: December 2011 (Page 2 of 2)

Sunday Crimes

Big Friendly bought a hard copy of the Sunday Times this morning, for us to check out while we ate breakfast on this still, delicious, summer Sunday in Cape Town. Unfortunately, all it did was add fuel to the fiery rage that I have been in since I got back from London and creative arts heaven.

Today’s Sunday Times is a fat one. Yes there are at least 10 pull outs for christmas adverts. There is a whole food weekly and a whole travel weekly AND a whole home weekly. These are not pages, these are baby newspaperlets. And then, on page 3 of the review 2 section there is a page called Arts & Entertainment. At the top of the page are Critic’s choices – one each for Cape Town, Durban and Joburg. These are a sentence or two long. Then there is ONE other article featuring performance artist Kemang wa Lehulere. That’s it. The rest of the page is taken up with a Cape Union Mart ad and a Vodacom ad. It is December. There are hundreds of amazing exhibitions, shows, concerts and art related things to do in Cape Town alone, and the best the Sunday Slimes can come up with is a third of a page. Sies. It is worse than pathetic. It is a proper shame. Shame on you. Shame on us.

Krag Box

In an effort to catch up on theatre in Cape Town, and to try and see stuff before it finishes, I went to The Magnet Theatre to see Krag Box last night. It is a piece created and directed by Frances Marek and created and performed by Dann-Jaques Mouton and Ephraim Gordon.

This two-hander is a small, local story, set in Lavender Hill, about two boys and their “for life” friendship, and what happens to them and why they become who they become. I won’t spoil it for you, because even though tonight is the last night of this run it’s a piece that has a life; this is how Magnet works, and you will be able to see it another time.

The story is great, the performers are fantastic (I love watching them both), the language (totally local Afrikaans) is delicious and the piece is fresh, new and exciting. This is its first outing and I have no doubt that it will grow and grow.

My response to this piece is very different from my response to Out of Order. Here, the Magnet have created an environment where work can build and grow; where young directors and actors can do stuff, and be mentored and nurtured and guided. Ok, I am talking about one director and two actors, but still. The creative process of this work is so different. And how it reflects in the work is that this piece is ready for an audience. It will change and swell and grow, but what it is is ready.

Yes I was sad that there was such a tiny audience. Yes I was irritated that I have no idea how to access the kind of audience that would love this play the most. Yes the quietness of a play that isn’t well attended is so depressing. Still. This play is allowed to have few people now. It will breathe and grow and so will its audiences. So, watch all spaces. And if you can’t go tonight make sure you get to see it next time around.

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