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Surprising, outrageous, extraordinary artist Casper de Vries

Face Like Potato

Face Like Potato

So, Casper de Vries was our celebrity guest on our regular Monday night improv night at The Galloway Theatre last night (and it was totally fantastic by the way). Before the show we were chatting and I found out that he was actually in Cape Town because he was exhibiting his paintings, at Artscape. I had seen one of them, of his gorgeous hound Halfrieda, on twitter or facebum, and I remember being suitably impressed. After our chat I realised that I had some time this week, and so this morning I popped into the Marble Foyer at Artscape to take a look.

Euphoric Cavewoman

Euphoric Cavewoman

So, honestly, I was curious, and nervous. I mean, what does hilarious performer Casper de Vries know about painting? I mean, I dabble. And I enjoy myself, but I am not very good and I know it. And I was totally blown away. Casper’s work is extraordinary, for many reasons. First of all it is particularly honest and unpretentious. It is also hilarious. And he is really, really skilled. It is layered and detailed and full of meaning. It is curious, and strange, and diverse and highly original.

I was treated to a live in-ear radio guide in the form of Casper himself who took me through each work. It was delicious, and moving and so clever, and totally hilarious. It was an inspiring hour and I want everyone to know, and for those that can to go and check it out. The pics are of my favourite favourites.



Writing place, writing space

I love this blog space. I love this immediate online place where I see the words being made and then I push a few keys and suddenly they arrive in a completely public world where others can choose to read them. I love that readers take me seriously enough to leave comments, and that I take the time (not often enough in the last while) to create something with intention. I love words. I love grammar. I love ideas.

I love this place to reflect on my life, loves, work, bones of contention. I love the possibility that this kind of writing is therapy. I don’t really have to worry if this is totally self-indulgent (and it probably absolutely is) I just have to hear how it sounds and agree with it at the time. I love that when I write here I should definitely be doing something else (right now I should be writing a work script with a yesterdayish deadline) but I have chosen to be here, doing this, now. I love writing about what I have done, and what I am going to do.

I have neglected this space at times, and overloaded it with attention at others. I have climbed onto the meganshead soap box, and sat on the meganshead couch. I have launched the meganshead spear of criticism and used the meganshead blanket of comfort. I have shared meganshead indulgence and frivolity.

Long live this space.


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