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I don’t know if it’s just because I watched the cricket last night without the Big Friendly, but 20/20 seems more silly then ever before. I’m sure the Pakistanis would rush to agree with me this time after being heartily whupped by SA who took one more than half the overs to do it. The best thing about last night’s game though was seeing Bosman, van der Watt, Morkel and Kemp on the field. Oh, and AB de Villiers as wickie. Comforting to know that they’re around. Let’s hope they will be used instead of forgotten. It will be interesting to see who plays the one day series. Oh, maybe they’ve chosen the side. First thing I need to ask Big Friendly when he gets back today. Yay.

I know that our captain smashed more than his fair share with 71 off like 40 balls. Still, I don’t want him to get comfortable or complacent. He needs to do well more often.


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  1. The Saint

    Ok so we need a debate on teams BUT lest we forget this is the year of 2 World Cups. Seeing as the SA squad for the cricket World Cup has been announced in provisional form its time. I declare myself for both sports to be an ABP man.
    In cricket this means “anyone but Petersen” and in rugby this means “anyone but Pretorious”.
    Petersen – this poor unfortunate has been promoted way beyond his capabilities and will leak runs all World Cup meaning that we will go back to an all seam bowling attack on wickets that scream for variation. The 2 Pakistan taileneders managed to batter him him yesterday and I hate to think what will happen when afew other batsmen get into him in the West Indies. The best tjhing that can happen is that he can tweak a hamstring of so iets and have to pull out.
    Now Pretorius – this guy shouldn’t be in the Lions team let alone the Boks but it seems he is front runner for the fly-half spot. He can’t kick, he can’t run, he doesn’t pass and his decision making is about as poor as our Health Minister. Maybe the Super 14 will convince Jake to leave alone.
    No problems without solutions – in the cricket team be bold and take Tshabalala and in rugby use Francios Steyn.

  2. megan

    I mostly agree. Unfortunately, when it comes to Rugby, I haven’t got a clue what anybody is talking about. I did read your comments to Big Friendly however, and he agrees with EVERYTHING, esp Peterson and the tail enders.

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