Even though I have really wanted to believe, I have always, in the deep recesses of my brain, been sceptical about ‘asking the universe’ or ‘visualising’, or ‘tapping into the source of abundance ‘. Which is ridiculous, because even when my asks have been outrageous, or half hearted, or even totally unrealistic, I have generally had pretty good results.

Here is a little case in point story that goes like this. I popped into my agents to sign a contract for a tiny TV series role (I had asked for it and gotten it without even realising that it was me getting what I had asked for) and I announced to the fabulous Onida and divine Suzi that I needed to land an ad to help get me back to NYC in mid March 2020 (because my play Lost Property is going into full production in Jersey City! Another thing that happened by me asking the universe very nicely and clearly) and Suzi said, “Ask for it here, in the office. Visualise it.” I did. And I got confirmed on an ad that I am shooting this week. It is my first ad in years. It is a lovely part, for a product I am comfortable with. When Suzi let me know about the callback she called the job the ‘Get Megan to NYC’ campaign.

This is powerful stuff if we allow it in. It works best with accompanying feelings of gratefulness and humility. It works in both positive and negative ways. It seems to work properly if there is clarity of intention.

In the next week I will be looking back on this year that was filled with beautiful and amazing actualisations and terrible, dark times of despair. I will be looking forward and articulating how I want to be, and who and what, in the year to come. And I will be asking, with the clarity and gratitude that it is already happening. Here’s to life.