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A Completely Mad Hatter’s tea Party

On Tuesday I was contacted by a divine costume maker who was organising this event at The Mount Nelson. She needed a Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, King of Hearts and White Rabbit for the tea party/fund raiser that The Nellie holds every year. “Would we do it?” I couldn’t say no. I volunteered myself up as the Queen and managed to rope in three more of the TheatreSports players.

It all happened yesterday. What a jaul! I spent the afternoon shouting at about 200 hatted ladies who sat at gorgeous tea tables on the rolling lawns of The Nellie. I spent my time talking rubbish, sitting at their tables, drinking Verve Cliquot from a tea-pot and marshaling the trying troupe of little girls who insisted on following me around into a power selling team. I had them nagging every lady to buy one of the terribly expensive tea pots for charity. They were only allowed to come back to me once they had closed a deal. And if they managed I would deign to “hate the horrible little people a little less”. What an incentive!

It was a marvelous event with delicious cakes and stuff and the party goers (who had paid a fortune for their tickets and still pledged more) were so game. The woman who won the best hat had made all the figurines out of marzipan. We were a marvelous crew of spontaneous entertainment and I would be delighted to do it again and again.


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  1. Trevor du Buisson

    it sounds like such great fun, and what a great idea!! You were probably the best Queen of Hearts ever!! I can just imagine you in the role!

  2. Beilla Gans

    Everyone sounds mad as a hatter – but what fun! Tante B

  3. Hugo

    The figurines on the winning hat were made out of fondant – by a small one man business called O’MiGOSH! –

  4. megan

    Well there you have it, as Hugh Bladen would say. It was a beautiful hat and I am delighted to be corrected. Shows how much I know about koek hey?

  5. Hugo

    Hey No worries! You wouldn’t perhaps have any pictures would you?

  6. megan

    I only have 2 pics of me on my phone. And nobody is seeing those!!!

  7. Mary de Villiers

    A couple of years down the line and I am trying to get in contact with the person who did the costumes and props for the Mad Hatters Tea. Any idea?

  8. megan

    Her name is Cate Turner!

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