Last night Big Friendly and I and our friends R and E did a movie double feature with food in between at Cavendish. Walking to the Ster Kinekor at around 5pm was a bit of an eye opener for me and Big Friendly. The hordes. And mainly children. Hectic. We are just not mall jaulers, or big shoppers for that matter.

So first up was Die Hard 4.0. The stunts and special effects were phenomenal. But that (and Bruce Willis I imagine) was where they spent their money and there obviously was not a penny left over for a supporting cast of any talent. The baddies were all totally naf. Half of them only spoke a European language, which was weird since they were spoken to in English, and none of them could act much. In fact, other than Bruce and his little side-kick, everyone was awful and pretty useless. It was a pity. I think we would have given a damn with a Dennis Hopper Maniac or a Christopher Walken Crazy. Maybe it would have helped if the main baddie (who was supposed to be an ultimate hacker/ex security expert) actually did a tiny bit of hacking or even keyboard action instead of just barking out the instructions. “Open the blah blah!” “Get into the blah blah!” “Connect to the blah blah!” If he was so good and clever why did he need all the Europeans? And a whole van of computer operators who needed to get taken out every five minutes? even so, the movie was fun. Just, going to see a 5.30 show at Cavendish is tweenie hell on toast. Just before the movie began, a trail of about twelve identically clad tweenies bounced into the movie house and spread themselves through the front rows. Not one of those children watched the movie. The played with their cell phones. They spoke loudly and swopped seats. They did this erratic clapping thing. And they kept on leaving the movie house. Up and down the stairs from the front row. Always two at a time. Back and forth. Loudly. You have no idea.

R had booked us a table at Primi Piatti for the hour’s break in between movies. The hell continued there. They didn’t have our booking. They did find us a table, but the place was insane! Loud, packed, crazy and hectic. We tried to order as fast as we could, and then we waited. And waited. And asked. And nagged. The food came just after 8.45. We had 15 minutes to gobble and go! Primi shall always be one of my favourite breakfast spots, that’s all.

Back to the movie house for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Would you believe that 10 minutes into the movie I discovered that someone had left a huge wadge of chewing gum on my seat? So, I spent the rest of the movie with the cellophane from Big Friendly’s cigarette pack between my arse and the seat! Big Friendly doesn’t agree with me at all, but I think this Harry Potter movie is the best one so far. It’s great that the kids are growing up, and their performances are developed and layered. They are becoming great little actors, which really helps. The rest of the cast are fantastic, although Big Friendly is right, we don’t see enough of Snape (Alan Rickman) and Mc Gonnagal (Maggie Smith). None the less, I though the effects were great, the style gloomy and dark, and the angst a wonderful combination of teenage stuff and hectic battle of good and evil. I thought it was great!