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A great experiment

I’ve just come in from Let’s Get Intimate at the Intimate. The Sunday night thing? Nicole Franco performed an excerpt from Shez Sharon, her one woman show that I’m directing, that will be on at Grahamstown and then later on in the year at The Kalk Bay Theatre, which is why I was there.

Tonight’s line-up was interesting and unexpected. The piece from There Were Five in the Bed was cancelled because their bed broke. The evening got off to a late start. Pieter Dirk Uys performed Bambi before and it went on for ages. First up was an excerpt from a comedy show called Eurafrica, directed by Ilana Wetzler and performed by Lucy Heavens and Sarah Jane Scott. It looks like a hilarious script and I laughed a lot. They are also two strange and whacky performers. I’ll be interested to see if they sustain through a whole show. It’s helova challenging. I do want to see the rest. Next up was James Cairns, of Brother Number, directed by other Brother Number Rob van Vuuren, with an excerpt from Tienie Petersen and the (something very complicated that I can’t remember). There is no doubt that he is brilliant, especially at accents, and the story is even more out there than Eurafrica which is about two girls being visited by their ancestors Queen Victoria and Cecil John Rhodes in a dream and being told to start a colony on Table Mountain! James went on for a bit too long tonight and so by the time Nicole as Sharon made an appearance the audience were in weirdsville and I think Sharon’s Salon was a bit normal for everyone. It was a great first try out on an audience though and once the nerves had settled, for Nicole and ME, it relaxed and found a rythm.

That was the first half. A great opportunity for all of us to get a try out audience before Grahamstown. I left after interval. There was a cool music duo making very chilled sounds but I had ants in my pants.


An amazing thing


Theatre of Dreams

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