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a mother of a day

You should have seen the queue at the ‘new style’ check out at Woolies at the Garden Centre this morning. Hectic. Last minute mother’s day flower and choccie shoppers, even though everyone knows that Woolies flowers don’t last and the choccies are expensive and boring. BIg Friendly and I are so lucky. we just called our mothers today since both live up country. I must admit that I love being spared the ridiculous buy-in of Mother’s Day. And by the looks on the faces of the children who were spending too much money the whole thing is an excercise in consumer guilt. Blah blah. I’ve just bored my own self by this post.

On another note entirely, a delightful evening of friends, delicious food and good chatting was had last night when a friend had more friends to his flat for a fab dinner party. Poor Big Friendly had caught my flu and was also rugby’d out, so I went woman alone. I must say that I missed Big Friendly on my arm; but a great time was had by all. Thanks Mister.




Tonight’s the night


  1. margaret roestorf

    Hi Megan,
    Can you imagine, i’ve never been here before…. the only thing it says is that i’ve been too busy to think about anything important of my own. It’s fascinating.
    Now, the exciting news…. made contact with Karin Saks and (of course!!!!!) it all falls into place.
    Have posted her email to me below.. As you know I’m on a fishing expedition looking for animal / environment projects in need of a fund-raiser.

  2. megan

    cool margaret
    I cut Karin’s email so not everybody could see it.

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