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a taste of my own medicine

Ouch. A great one for Shez Sharon a bad one for me. Just to keep me on my toes and remind me what being on the other end of a crit is all about.


a nice one


The shows I saw at the fest


  1. This review is hysterical: the writer praises the setting-and-atmosphere of the production, then he tells us how he enjoyed the way the actress involved the audience in her world onstage and, finally, he ends up loving the way her personal story is woven into her stage business.

    Are you with me so far?

    Wake up, Stanislavsky, you may have been dead for 70 years, but boy, do we need you! Note that each and every element praised above form part of the director’s tools. It is the director’s responsibility to create all these. If the writer liked them – he should thank the director, am I right Konstantin?

    My personal lament: Sometime I wonder who’s taking over the trade, with too many tails wagging a decreasing number of dogs. Anyway, I’m fresh out of metaphors. Welcome back, dear Friedlies!

  2. megan


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