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a theatre intervention on Racism

Four actors (including me) flew and then drove to a small town just outside Jozi to perform in incredibly interesting theatre intervention yesterday. Top management through to middle management of a big company were having a leadership workshop and they needed to confront their attitudes around racism in a new way, since it was not something that was openly spoken about.

I won’t go into the details of what we did. I just want to mention the effect our performance had. We, as actors, literally felt the change happen. It was tangible and dynamic. We could literally feel the energy of the 70 odd people who were watching us. It was quite extra-ordinary. And it re-affirmed the power of live performance as a communication medium. Obviously there were 5 or 6 people who were ideologically resistant. But, what is interesting is that I think the group will be less tolerant of them in future. For me, it was as if I could physically see the group absorbing and moving on. I hope I am right.


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  1. beilla gans

    Now your’re talking. Perhaps local plays should be more topical and relevant – and when it hurts you know it is saying somehting valid!
    Tnate B

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