I have completely neglected this space which used to be a place I loved. I want to fall in love with it again, and am going to commit to writing here every day for a month, from today until the 9 December. I am going to use it as an Albert Dumbledore ‘pensieve’; a place to put down in words the noise that occupies my mind. I am going to treat it as a discipline, so I can make things, instead of shout back at rubbish on social media. I am going to use it as a platform for me to get off social media a bit too. I am also going to use it as a place to reflect on the things that are meaningful and important to me at the moment, in no particular order, and I hope that this will become a place where I can be seen, and engaged with, in a more complex and nuanced way than on social media (a necessary, addictive and completely dangerous and amazing space).

It feels like there is a lot going on, personally, and in the word; everything influencing everything else and thoughts, ideas, feelings and actions are all jumbled. One of the unavoidable dangers of social media is #whataboutism and I suffer from it. Am I more vegan than anti-racist? Am I more feminist than environmentalist? Am I more concerned with  international politics than I should be? When I suffer #whataboutism I get stuck, and very unproductive.

So, I want to go back to a thinking about and thinking up and thinking out space. A creative, improv-positive, dynamic space.

What do you think?