. The final results and reports will be subject to the transfer of the remaining 15% of the grant amount and the closing of the grant. THE AFAC also receives proposals from local, regional and international institutions whose projects are related to Arab culture. These include artistic, cultural, social and educational institutions, places, centres and organisations, public and non-governmental authorities dealing with contemporary Arab art and culture. Incomplete applications are not considered . . . NWAC will complement and use other global and regional climate change initiatives launched by the Group of 20 countries (G20) and other stakeholders for their respective countries/regions. This harmonization of measures will ensure a smooth alignment between governance structures and frameworks, policies, standards, procedures and instruments. Learn thousands of articles, training resources, case studies and research results published by AFAC and other industry experts. . “As the continent most affected by climate change, we can only prosper if we put our economies on a low-carbon, climate-resilient development trajectory. Smart choice is about rethinking how we use capital in a changing environment.

A committed financial sector is essential. NWAC will play an important role in defining the pathways that direct financial flows to African CND and SDGs. ” – Co-Chair of the NWAC Steering Committee, Mr. Uzziel Ndagijimana; Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Republic of Rwanda . Applications are only accepted through our online application forms on our website. Applications submitted by mail or email are not accepted. NWAC does not offer mobility grants. Travel expenses can only be covered by the AWAC grant if they are part of the project`s implementation. For grants over $10,000, grant rates will only be released after the fellow has provided proof that 70% of the remaining project budget is insured. If the latter condition is met, fellows will receive 50% of the grant amount as the first payment.

The project should not exceed 24 months. The program offers annual scholarships of a few thousand dollars.