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all night kitty

These things happen in waves. I am going through animal stuff at the moment. Last night I came home happy after a brilliantly successful corporate gig. We were lucky. Corporates can go horribly wrong, especially if the group has had a lot to drink. But they were a wonderful group and they totally got what we were doing and it was lovely.

Then, Big Friendly and I jumped into bed. Above the wind though, I could hear something. A meow. Over and over again. Finally Big and I put on clothes and went outside. There was a teeny ginger kitten stuck in our neighbour’s front yard. She wasn’t there, and this poor and terrified little thing couldn’t get out. Big Friendly went to get a bowl of milk but when he went inside the yard the kitten escaped and ran underneath a parked car in the road. which is where it stayed, meowing plaintively but totally immobile. So there we were at 1230am, me lying on the pavement and glopping wet dog food under the car, and Big Friendly on hands and knees in the middle of the road going, "come kitty, come kitty." This tiny thing is obviously totally feral and was terrified of us. There was literally nothing we could do. We went back to bed. And lay there, eyes wide open, listening.

This morning we feel like we were hit by trains. And there is no sign of the kitten.

What is equally disconcerting, although a separate animal story, is that the mice have returned. About three of them pulled in yesterday. Teeny, unafraid, scampering adventurers going from one end of the kitchen to the other, they have totally freaked us out. Big Friendly had to plug in the super sonic blaster repellent, but it takes a while for the mice to get the message.

We are both in tears now, talking about Saskia, our cat who was run over last year. Big Friendly and I are going to DARG to look for a kitten to love this morning. We’ve decided. DSC00220 In the meantime, here is a picture of the most amazing, hilarious, beautiful, clumsy, fearless, sweet, bandy legged, child friendly, dog abusing, feet attacking, under bed crawling, mouse catching, feather duster toy playing, irreplaceable, special place in our hearts and memories cat.

Don’t be scared. It is just a phase. At some point really soon I will blog about all the other stuff.




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  1. kelly

    poor kitten, poor you. heartbreaking.
    don’t apologise for animal phases, those of us blessed with the ability to truly marvel at the miracle of our co-existance with other species are the luckiest humans alive.
    i have just taught my german shepard to swim lengths up and down the river with me. no human could provide companionship like she does.

  2. Tante B

    Many years ago, my Oom, a simple onosele ou Jood in Blikkiesfontein and the only pharmacist in town, had a tragic loss. His wife died. He was inconsolable. No children. Nothing. His sister decided that he needed something to care about.

    She gave him a cat. He was very dubious about it. A couple of weeks went by and she called him to find out how things were going with the cat. He replied that the cat was adorable and it seemed as though the cat liked him too. But there was one thing that was worrying him. “What’s that” asked his sister. “Well, everytime I sit down to read the paper or have a cup of tea the ketzele jumps on my lap and sits there .” “So , what’s to worry” Well” says my Oom ” he looks happy enough but there is a lound sound coming from his chest- I can’t make out what it is. Do you think he can have brochitis or maybe even ccongestive heart failure?

  3. Jess

    kitten kisses and love to you both. xxx

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