I’ve just got back from the Kalk Bay Theatre. We had a special performance of TheatreSports tonight. It was Lee-anne’s 23rd birthday celebration and we were the entertainment. Yee ha. They were a shy, quiet and polite bunch and I mentioned this to my fellow players before we went on stage. Not necessarily the best thing for keeping the show nice and pretty and clean. We had fruit flies copulating in wine glasses on Camps Bay beach. We had dead relatives in some weird mud tunnel. We had a Shakespearian tragedy that required the apothecary to remove her third nipple with a broad sword. Know what I mean? The KBT staff were hysterical while they watched from the balcony. I think the birthday party was shell-shocked. They didn’t say much. We had a brilliant time though.

PS. And I know it’s kind of weird and a bit shmaltzy but I want to dedicate last night’s show to my late father Lazer whose birthday it was.