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and then there was the cricket

It was a long drive from Jozi back home to Slaap Stad, broken by a stop-over in Hanover, at the famous 3 Darling Street guest house, now owned by Dave and Heather. All of the serious camp and red, purple and gold of the previous owners is gone, replaced by a more sedate and amazing/tacky traditional Karoo look. It was an excellent place to stop, regroup, eat and sleep. Hanover itself is seriously depressing though, with a huge unemployed community and serious alcohol dependence issues.

What kept our first day of traveling in my new smallcar entertaining was listening to the ball by ball cricket commentary on Radio 2000. Listening to Jacques Kallis’s heartbreaking dismissal on 186, just before his never achieved double century was unbelievable and Big Friendly and I were finished! Then, as we left somewhere, before we got to Hanover, I fiddled with the radio and we lost signal. We didn’t get it back and it was so frustrating. Yesterday was the same, with only RSG reception intermittently. We did listen to The Neil Gaiman Audio Collection, a collection of children’s stories written and narrated by Neil Gaiman, including The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish. They are fantastic, wacky stories, brilliantly and simply told.

Then, we came through the tunnel outside Worcester and boom! we were listening to Radio Lotus. We managed to hear the final nails going into the Black Caps’ coffin as they lost the game in their worst ever test defeat and the Poepteas’ (I feel bad) biggest test victory.


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  1. bobby

    was a bit of coverage of that exciting game here, but really, they were all over the sri lankans being whipped by the aussies. even aussies are finding their cricket boring cos they can do nothing but win (but not at rugby….)

    glad you’re home


  2. Beilla Gans

    That kid made a good deal – wow – two goldfish for his Dad. One woman I know, when asked by another worn out old woman, what was in a brown paper bag in the back seat of her car, replied ” a bottle of Scotch I got for my husband.” The old woman mulled over the answer and eventually replied – “Good deal – good deal” Tante B

  3. The Saint

    These guys are getting better and 2011 is a long time away. Hear my words – Smith will yet surprise us all

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