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as a dog!

I woke up in Jozi on Saturday morning thinking, “shoo, this place is dry!” Then I started sneezing and I thought, “Hayfever!” No. It is a full on cold, with chest thing and it is beyond hideous. We came back yesterday afternoon and I was feeling so sorry for myself. Still, I had to go to the Nellie for a huge TheatreSports corporate performance. As with all our corporates, there was a total balagan with the sound and we had to improvise that too. Hideous. Needless to say, I felt like a dog. This morning I am not faring much better, after a night full of sweating and hallucinating. But I need to get my act together for a full day’s rehearsal. Booh hoo, I tell you. Cough splutter.


Cape Times on Sharon


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  1. The legendary Marvin (Meyer) Engel provides various recipes of the mythological Gogelmoggel, a Jewish concoction used to fight cold:

    Sick adult: hot milk, tea, honey, and as much bronfen* as will keep you sleeping a good while.
    Recipe for sick children: cold milk, egg, 3 scoops of ice cream, ginger ale all blended, and a kiss on the head.
    Recipe for a sick cat: saucer of milk and 1 egg, mixed well and fed by spoonfuls to cat by worried children.

    Zayt ale gezunt!

    * “Bronfen” is the generic Yiddish word for alcohol – whisky, vodka, schnapps, tequila, slivovich (plum based fire water) – are all ‘bronfen’.

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