There are a couple of children who are very special to me. Nathan and Ruth Nadler-Nir happen to be two of my favourite non adult people in the world and last night I went to see them perform in their school play at Grove Primary. What an absolute, unadulterated, excellent treat!

Back to The Future is a brilliant idea. Grove pupods (grade 7s), in a holographic future with an edupod as teacher, are visited by a very old (almost dead) ex-principal Mrs Shields, who lost the special principals’ diary in the past. Four pupods elect to go back to the past to ‘scan’ the diaries and find out about Grove Primary’s history through the eyes of the principals. Absolutely classic.

In a wild swing through the ages, that included the 1920s and a Wilfred Owen poem brilliantly recited by old-fashioned grade 4s (Ruthie included), a hilarious 1940s Winnie The Pooh, a completely moving and gorgeous retelling of how coloured people were booted out of Claremont and a devastatingly sad Senzeni Na?, a D.I.S.C.O, a news flashback of the collapse of apartheid (with Nathan as one superb and eloquent anchor), a barn dance, minstrel celebration, Michael Jackson tribute, as well as a finale by the teachers, it was a most amazing show!

The children were committed, disciplined and amazing. 400 of them traipsed on and off the stage, some with big, fat juicy parts that they were brilliant at, some with small walk-ons that made them part of the action. The material was fantastic, educational, entertaining and so clever; especially the jokes and quirkiness that the kids pulled of with such flair. The sets and costumes and props and little details were also fantastic.

It is a huge, huge job putting something like this together. I was delighted to be there to share it. Well done to all involved. Grove Primary, you rock!