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Big Friendly makes me a Lucky Lady Guy

This is a most important post. It is where I honour and acknowledge Big Friendly and his genius on the interweb. How beautiful is my new, custom made, specially designed and sexy blog? I think it looks great. I have been to visit it a hundred times just to look at the gorgeous random images of my ‘peeps’ and animals. I am very lucky. Big Friendly has made me a blog that is user friendly, simple, pretty and special. And I haven’t a clue how he does it. Big Friendly is going to be offering packages of blog/website things for all sorts of people like me, who want it, but don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Yay.


What are They Thinking?



  1. Ray

    I think it’s great too! Wasn’t sure about the pink after a while – it seemed to diminish the seriousness of some of the posts. This, however, is smart, sophisticated, and professional. Cool to look at and easy to mission around in. Nice one, Big Friendly! You the guy!

  2. Beilla Gans (Tante B)

    Not only is it sophisticated but also very legible. – Tante B

  3. megan

    Glad you like it Tante B.

  4. Colourinse

    Hey hey slowly slowly it’s facebook or meganshead, facebook or meganshead….

  5. megan


  6. bobby

    love the new look. pink wasn’t quite working for me.

    would love to chat to BF about a blogsite. when will he start offering this service?

  7. megan

    Indeed Bobby. Services will be up and running by BF by the end of this day.

  8. Alfred Rietmann

    Big Friendly is VERY clever and you are VERY lucky to have such a clever Big Friendly. The Site is LEKKER.

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