I’ve just walked in from doing a teeny TheatreSports show for a group of 13 suits for their year end function. We were a team of four who performed for them. And it was amazing. It seemed hard for us; a bit like playing charades at a family christmas lunch, as the one guy put it. But they loved it! Absolutely loved it. We somehow show people another way of doing things. We show them how to be creative and supportive and to laugh with us. Every time we do a funny little show like this there are the confessions afterwards. There are those that find me to tell me about their school plays, their passions, their first loves before they were forced/suggested into Bcoms, banking, insurance, finance, whatever. Eyes start glazing over, hearts beat fast. We are the gypsies, the travelling minstrels, the storytellers, the outsiders. We present the world of ‘what if?’ And everybody wants to be us for that moment. Ego trip? Only for a bit. These guys earn the big bucks. They have futures, houses, cars, careers. But they are scared. And we aren’t. Amazing.