I was pretty certain that we were entering into the audience wasteland that is Cape Town winter when, against the tide and in spite of the freezing, wet weather, we had two good houses on Monday and Tuesday night and we matched them with two really good shows.

Monday night’s show at The Intimate was a real feel good show, with many funny moments and highlights that included a brilliant point of view by Brett and Tamarin and a last game that was a complicated Indian, horror musical.

Last night’s show at The Kalk Bay Theatre was really strange and amazing. There was a scene from nothing with me and Liesl which was a strange physical theatre piece. We also did a horror order a coke scene which was very strange. Then there was a fabulous end game, movie fest, with ‘clips’ from a Hungarian art film,  a neurotic nomadic Woody Allenish type film and a tap dancing detective movie! We had fun and the audience were in stitches. After the show George and I had a chat. He said he was one of us; an improviser. He is a professional clown, working with children and we spoke about ‘getting inside’ an audience. He loved the show. His daughter had brought him to have fun; he had lost his wife recently.

I drove home on the slick, wet road a warm and happy somebody.