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Brill Brills

n129257256411_5077 So Big Friendly and I trekked to Muizenberg last night (I always find it so funny that Cape Slownians find the 20 minute drive a trek) to go and listen to Heather Mac and The Brills (Mark Harris, Tonia Selley and Ian Cohen). And what a lekker gig it was. Heather was so in voice and the others are fine musos. Heather’s new song is fantastic and one or two of the older ones still klap me and I ended up smearing my mascara.

We were properly in Cape Town, with aging hippy jollers, and more than half of those I recognised were grey, or fat or spectacled. We are all getting old. But in such a delightfully Cape Town way. We must get out more.


That’s me!


District 9 like an alien my broe


  1. Beilla Gans (Tante B)

    Don’t you dare bad -mouth Muizenberg! That is where I met my late dearly beloved, curmudgeonly husband. Have you ever skinny dipped there at night? and then gazed at the moon in the snake-pit? (even though it was very chilly) I am sure it is still wonderful. Tante B

  2. megan

    bad-mouth! Never. We love Muizies.

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