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Brilliant Silencer Shop

This is a good mechanical, car story. I am writing it because it is so rare and I want to recommend Martin and Silencer Shop, 268 Albert Road, Woodstock, and send you all there. This is the story.

I suspected I had a hole in my exhaust. When my last (unreliable) independent mechanic fixed my last major problem he ‘ran out of time’ to sort out my exhaust. I got hold of him last week and asked him outright whether I should go ahead and fix it myself or whether I should wait for him to have time to do it and he explained how if I waited for him he could get me a new exhaust for R1600 instead of the at least R2000 I would pay elsewhere and and so it was worth waiting for him. But I couldn’t get hold of him and I decided to just bite the bullet and go ahead and get a quote from somewhere down the road.

So, imagine my surprise when Martin, at Silencer Shop, told me the problem was my flange gasket and it would cost R140 to fix. I kid you not. Before he even knew what I had been quoted he said, “That other guy was probably going to charge you R800.” That was only half! Martin has saved me from a complete, total rip-off. It took 10 minutes and my car is totally fixed. And he does major services as well. I am beyond delighted. His phone number is 0218010746.


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  1. Gareth

    I 2nd that, they are amazing and the best service by far!

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