It is more than likely that Honey Bunny will go to an environment that is more suitable for rabbits today. It’s been a week since Big Friendly rescued her. In that week she has made our courtyard her home. She has turned from a scruffy, matted, dirty little skittish rodent into a curious, excited, attention loving creature that comes bounding up the minute the back door opens and circles your feet until you give her loves. She demands to be stroked and then flattens herself along the flagstones in rapture. If you stop she bites you; not hard enough to break skin, but hard enough to let you know that she means business in the loving department.

We have been too nervous to try and integrate her with the dogs and cats, but if we go outside Gally and Chassie and Anni wait at the glass door, fixated on her and us. Only Bayla has showed no interest at all.

Big Friendly and I have fallen in love with Honey Bunny. We talk about her, worry about her diet, discuss her weight and condition. We have been concerned for her in the heat and Brenton has erected an umbrella for her today because of the rain. We have considered keeping her and what it would take, which is totally impractical. We can both be found in the courtyard, sitting on the ground with Honey Bunny.

We are going to miss her, although I think Anni in particular (she is usually the demanding, affectionate baby), and the rest of the clan in general will sigh with relief. And they’ll have total access to the courtyard again.