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Brilliant Silencer Shop

This is a good mechanical, car story. I am writing it because it is so rare and I want to recommend Martin and Silencer Shop, 268 Albert Road, Woodstock, and send you all there. This is the story.

I suspected I had a hole in my exhaust. When my last (unreliable) independent mechanic fixed my last major problem he ‘ran out of time’ to sort out my exhaust. I got hold of him last week and asked him outright whether I should go ahead and fix it myself or whether I should wait for him to have time to do it and he explained how if I waited for him he could get me a new exhaust for R1600 instead of the at least R2000 I would pay elsewhere and and so it was worth waiting for him. But I couldn’t get hold of him and I decided to just bite the bullet and go ahead and get a quote from somewhere down the road.

So, imagine my surprise when Martin, at Silencer Shop, told me the problem was my flange gasket and it would cost R140 to fix. I kid you not. Before he even knew what I had been quoted he said, “That other guy was probably going to charge you R800.” That was only half! Martin has saved me from a complete, total rip-off. It took 10 minutes and my car is totally fixed. And he does major services as well. I am beyond delighted. His phone number is 0218010746.

Kool Waste

A couple of years ago I was on the hunt for a safe, easy way to do my recycling. I searched, called, googled and spoke to friends before discovering Barry Visagie and Kool Waste. Woodstock seemed to be an under serviced neighbourhood, for all sorts of obvious socio-political reasons.

The reason why Kool Waste were quite difficult to get hold of was because they don’t have a great on-line presence. Since discovering them though, we have had an amazing relationship. For R60 a month, Barry and his gorgeous guy swing by my house once a week and collect a full black bag of recyclables. All I have to do is to make sure the stuff is all clean and dry. Plastic, paper, tin, and glass is all put together and then Barry and the Kool Waste guys do the sorting.

They sent out a newsletter this week saying that a lot of their customers were in arrears and that they had been losing customers too. I suppose it might seem like an extra expense when people are tightening their belts. I think this is a great pity. So I am putting word out there. Here is how to get hold of Barry. 072 1295787 or

Miacup take two

In February last year I moaned here on megan’s head about how I’d read all about menstrual cups but had struggled to get one from Miacup. Well, last month the new boss of Miacup sent me an email after reading my post and she offered to send me one to try out. True to her word a most beautifully packaged and boxed and draw-string bagged burgundy silicon cup arrived for me. Obviously I had to wait until it was appropriate to try the thing out, and I have to say it was absolutely painless, simple and totally easy. It also lives up to the claim that it can’t be felt at all once it is properly in. It’s a winner.

I still have reservations about the price; it is still very far from affordable for the average, blinkered South African who would rather spend almost double that on tampons in just a year, than to fork out the once-off R394.95 (not including shipping costs). And there is no doubt that while the packaging is totally sexy (it looks like a sophisticated perfume box actually), it must absorb quite a bit of the cost.

That aside, it seems like a really excellent product and a good option as far as these must use products are concerned. Check it out.

Update: I am extremely happy with this new Miacup after having used it for a whole menstruation.

Diski update

Sometimes it works, having a big mouth and cheeky ideas. I suggested to my Virgin Active club that they should jump in with a bit of World Cup fever and get someone to give diski lessons to gym members. Lo and behold, at Hip Hop this morning the group exercise coordinator (no kidding, that’s her title) told me that she had indeed taken my idea and run with it. So, on Wednesday, at 18.15 I am going to gym to learn a few diski moves. I have to say, it’s the most impressed I’ve been with my gym, ever. That’s called listening and acting. And I think it is great that they’re buying in to the World Cup in such a simple, feel good way. Viva Virgin Active. See you for diski on Wednesday.

100 days to go!

It’s a hundred days to go to the soccer world cup! I am sure that all of you want to know why I am even mentioning this, and why I even care, and you would ask if you could see me why I am wearing my ‘I heart SA’ T-shirt with the SA flag on it today.

Well, I have to say, I have been turned around on this SWC thing. In the beginning I was omigod! WTF? I’m going to a desert island. At the time I could think of nothing worse than Cape Town, and South Africa being swamped by a bunch of rowdy foreign soccer thugs, who would be overcharged, under entertained, over liquified, under transported and in my face. In the beginning I was the stereotype of a DWP (depressed white pessimist) that believed nothing would be ready, nobody would come and the SABC would screw it up royally (that part might still come true).

But my involvement with the Engen Phambili road show has changed all that. I have been working with Engen for the past six years, creating industrial theatre plays as part of the road shows that go all over the country and are aimed at Engen petrol pump attendants  and cashiers. It is work that I am so proud of and committed to. It is also the most effective work I make. But while my cast of brilliant actors and I have been working at delivering a message of giving great service, pride, loyalty, energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment, I have been learning about the world cup, the way soccer brings people together, the love of the game, the excitement ordinary people feel, and they way that Engen feels about this once in a life time opportunity for South Africa to shine! It’s rubbed off. I am feeling it. Marks Maponyane and Clive Barker do a Q & A around the SWC and they are absolutely inspirational. The audience of petrol pump attendants and cashiers know their soccer, their players, the participating countries, their favourites to win. World cup tickets are cherished and fought over prizes! The South African national anthem is sung with enthusiasm, passion and commitment. I’m in! Boots and all! Woza 2010 soccer world cup! A hundred days to go!

got it

The final word. I went to Pinelands and got my very own, pure silicone, totally locally made, very reasonably priced MPower cup, and as luck would have it, I needed it today. Well, there are no gory details. I followed the instructions and Bob’s your auntie. No more tampons, or as Big Friendly says, plugs, or pads, or as Big Friendly says, surfboards, for me ever again. I have added MPower to my blogroll too, so ladies, that’s where to go to get it! As you can imagine, Big Friendly is fascinated!

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