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Drive With Me gets totally real

For those of you who don’t know, Drive With Me is (mostly) about driving to Grahamstown, to the festival. And that is exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning. There is no weirder way of getting into character and mood than doing all the things I have written down and been rehearsing for four weeks.

This drive will be the beginning of the culmination of almost two years of work. In 2011 I was driving home from the festival when I was flooded with the images, sights, sounds and sensations of Drive With Me. It was the music I listened to, the things I ate, the people and animals I saw.

After the massive disappointment of not performing it at last year”s festival, I decided to give it a trial run (a reading actually) at GIPCA’s conference and it was met with a really positive response. And then Simon Cooper from Kalk Bay Theatre said he would produce it for this year’s festival.

It has been a magical four weeks, working with my director Liz Mills, sound artist James Webb and media man Sanjin Muftic. It has been a joyous rehearsal in a lovely space, where slowly, the production has pulled together with invisible threads, and become ready for an audience.

I have become preoccupied and single minded. I say word runs while I do everything else. I picture the drive, the venue, the performances. I am ready for Drive With Me.

If you are coming to the festival, and you do end up seeing it, please drop me a line to let me know what you think.

Song And Dance and Laughing

Whenever I see the cast of Song And Dance (I’ve popped into a couple of pick up rehearsals) I end up laughing so hard that it hurts. I cannot believe how funny they make my play. Here are some gorgeous pics taken by the amazing Jesse Kramer. Honestly. If there is one comedy you see at the National Arts Festival it should be Song And Dance.



Drive With Me and Jesse Kramer

I had the amazing privilege of having a photo shoot with Jesse Kramer for Drive With Me. She is wonderful to work with; kind, funny, considerate, warm and totally embracing. This is important for those of us who always feel like woesies in front of the lens. Anyway, here are two of my favourite pics that she took. I was blown away when I saw them.




First Bodies for Drive With Me

I had 3 besties at my rehearsal today; my first “audience” for Drive With Me. I got through the piece, hurdled the lumps and bumps of what happens when there are actual people to talk to and discovered in real time that you can’t go back and fix anything. But, on the whole, and in general, it was pretty good. And I am really rather proud, and excited to have an audience experience it.

So, here are the details for my performances in Grahamstown. Drive With Me is at the NG Kerk Hall. And you can go here to book.

  • Thu 27 June 2013, 14:30 
  • Sat 29 June 2013, 13:00
  • Sun 30 June 2013, 14:00 
  • Mon 1 July 2013, 10:00 
  • Tue 2 July 2013, 14:00
  • Wed 3 July 2013, 14:00
  • Thu 4 July 2013, 14:00
  • Fri 5 July 2013, 14:00
  • Sat 6 July 2013, 14:00
  • Sun 7 July 2013, 12:00

Moving towards the Real Thing

It has been such an interesting week of rehearsals; that weird space where I almost know what I am doing (but not necessarily achieving it) and the technical side of things is slowly being added; sound and media. It has been an inordinately long time since I handed all aspects of production to another person and just focussed on the performance, and it is an unfamiliar (but most welcome) space.

Aside from the challenge of performing my own writing, I am constantly aware of how habituated I am to improvising and being totally present in a moment that will never be repeated. Here, I have to practice each moment, get it right, and then be able to get it similarly right every time. I hope I am getting better. I am thrilled, exhausted, panicked, emotional and excited. Every day.

And I am starting to think beyond the rehearsals to performance. Drive With Me. Quite a journey.

Walk this Way

So Liz Mills and I rehearse Drive With Me at the amazing Theatre Arts Admin Collective (I have no idea how Caroline Calburn manages that totally crazy schedule) and for the last week we have been spending each morning in the Minor Hall. It is a beautiful space, with a huge vaulted ceiling and gorgeous light through massive church windows. It is also relatively private.

Except for the man. There is a man who works for the church (the premises are on the Methodist Church in Obz) and every odd day or so he opens an internal door, shambles through, unlocks a weird storeroom, goes out the main door of the venue leaving it open, comes back, fetches the vacuum, opens another door, limps through noisily with a cup of tea. This would all be ok, if not a little irritating IF he ever acknowledged us. But he doesn’t. It is literally as if we do not exist. It would be funny if it wasn’t so utterly creepy.

Now Drive With Me is a little odd (if not creepy) and having this man entirely ignore me, and us, is the strangest feeling in the whole world.

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