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Confessions of a serial binger

It’s been a year since we decided, cricket and rugby notwithstanding, we were tired of spending huge chunks of money on DSTV every month and then sitting in front of the TV watching reruns of horrible British car shows, or Myth Busters from 10 years ago. We gave up the perverted addiction to Carte Blanche while we waited for the ‘premier’ Sunday night movie, only to discover it was an animation/sex comedy/something starring some Hollywood model/stunt man/comedian turned film star. And we haven’t looked back. In fact, I have watched more things on our giant monitor than ever before, and this time it has been completely my choice.

Netflix and Showmax have played their part, as well as watching whole series of other stuff. And there have been some pretty good ones. The range is exciting too, with tons of British stuff and even the occasional European thing to add to the general US TV production conveyor belt.

This weekend we binge watched two seasons of the most fabulous, Canadian, Schitt’s Creek. I had heard about it from a friend, forgotten about it, and then remembered the recommendation as we started watching. Schitt’s Creek is the brainchild of Eugene Levy and his real life son Dan Levy, who both star in it as father and son (and Eugene’s daughter is in it too) alongside Catherine O’ Hara (who I have totally adored since Beetlejuice, and then everything else she and Eugene have done – all the mockumentaries I believe in my soul I should have starred in), and the fabulous Annie Murphy, amongst others.

From the first set-up moment I started laughing at this deeply character driven comedy and I didn’t stop until the end. The episodes are really short (21 minutes) and the characters and their situations grow on you in the strangest and most delightful way. I can’t wait for more. The set-up is simple; a filthy rich, spoilt and entirely dysfunctional family lose everything and go and live (for reasons well explained) in Schitt’s Creek, a one street, hillbilly arse-end of the world town. Usually these kinds of spoilt, self obsessed indulgent and unaware characters piss me off in the first episode (with Shameless I didn’t make it through the first one), but here their charm is endearing and soon you are on their side.

There were a couple of moments that I laughed so hard I struggled to catch my breath. This is one of them. I am still laughing.


Not C’ing

Every now and then I am struck by total advertising failure. Cell C’s new campaign with Trevor Noah is one of them. I didn’t understand the first one in the series, when he was doing the Cell C shake up, following people into the toilet, talking kak about the new logo and basically being a weird, like, guy in a suit. Now he is asking the main Cell C guy weird questions and asking how he ‘likes his coffee’ nudge, nudge, wink, wink. WTF? What’s that got to do with anything? But the biggest mistake for me is that the series is in that negative, try and catch the guy out vein. There is nothing less successful in an ad campaign than misplaced negativity. It makes everyone feel shit. And I can’t see how that sells the product.

Confession of a CDWM addict

Come Dine With Me on BBC Lifestyle. I am completely hooked. It is hilarious, embarrassing, fly-on-the-wall reality TV that has captured me. In every show four strangers hold dinner parties for each other and score each other’s attempts in a competition for a money prize. It’s often the most unlikely combinations of people who get bitchy, lovey dovey, rude, pompous, sycophantic, and completely ridiculous, particularly in their own kitchens. I love seeing their menus and what they try to prepare. I love seeing their houses. I love noticing their class, manners, and how drunk they get; by the time they have to score they are often beyond able to speak! The best part is the guy who does the voice overs; he is ridiculous and brilliant. So, don’t phone me on weekdays at 1830, I’ll be watching Come Dine With Me.

Survivor survival

I’m not sure I survived this celebrity incarnation of Survivor SA. In fact I was away when my fave, Gys, won a car!! and was voted out, and I confess, I have lost interest ever since, although I did watch last night. I am no longer invested in a winner, which makes the debate of the game so much more interesting all of a sudden.

And what a truly nasty game it actually is. This time it is made worse, and even more complicated by the fact that the contestants have been fighting it out half for themselves and half for charity.

One of the most noticeable things has been the difference in game playing by the men and women. Ashleigh encapsulates a very female game plan; strategy, cunning, deception, and fickleness. Although, it must be pointed out that she won 5 challenges in a row, giving her immunity. That must have taken unbelievable strength and will. The guys all fell down by following a fuzzy belief in hard work, goodwill, food fetching and loyalty, and then they couldn’t understand how it all collapsed for them.

What is interesting for me is how the jury of voted out tribe members couldn’t resist feeling hurt and betrayed by those they would have been forced to do the same to. It’s complicated. And again, a lot is in the editing, for sure. From the beginning Ashleigh looked like the mastermind, but none of the contestants seemed to see it.

Last night’s final session at the last tribal council was really squirmy. Kaz seemed to think it was Ashleigh’s duty to take him with her. Louw was properly hurt and angry, little Sade was woes, and they all took such moral high ground; in a game that is designed to make the winner a skilled manipulator. (Though I loved Gys, who told the world that there was nothing slutty about being an exotic dancer.)

I guess what really put me off last night was Ashleigh’s heartfelt speech at the end about how she had done this for her charity. Ja, only half goes to charity sister. The other half a mil goes to the winner. All the contestants had worthy charities, even that excuse for a celeb, Christina Storm!

I have mixed feelings about who should win. Ashleigh certainly played the game, but it won her no friends or fans. At the end of the day, even though the game really, really sucks, I vote for a bit of humanity, kindness, caring, loyalty. Does that make the winner the un-slutty exotic dancer Gigi?

Ag Now Okkie’s Gone!

I am so sad! Okkie (Okkert Brits) couldn’t trust anyone and they picked him off; to country music. Those okes in Survivor Santa Carolina have no idea, really. They are so being played by Ashleigh Hayden. I mean Gys and Okkert voted for the guy that didn’t do any graft and just chowed all the food! That’s what was worrying them! How cute! How way ahead of them Ashleigh and her schemes are. Yo, that chick! And the guys are being picked off like flies, and they don’t see who is stirring the pot!

I’m not going to be here next Wednesday, so I’ll miss the next episode of Survivor! Hectic!

Almost but barely Surviving

I wonder what it must be like to be one of the shlebs watching Survivor Santa Carolina, now, in retrospect. I wonder how it must feel, and whether they knew who was driving the game at the time. Is everyone sitting at home thinking, how did we let her get away with that?

Ep7_58_lg Ou Louw was voted off tonight in a spine chilling twist that even had me reaching for my coke zero I was coughing so hard. Jissee, who would have thought Izak had it in him hey? He pulled it off bladdy well though; but why did he have to vote for Gys (Gys for Survivor!) man? That one vote could could count against him at a later stage! No, I was shocked, but probably not as shocked as Okkert. Shoo, he must have shivered with relief.

There is something gritty and real about this Survivor, and it isn’t the usual stuff. The fact that the shlebs are there and competing for a charity, and that they all cried their pips off tonight when they got letters from the charities they support, was very, very sweet.

The strain is starting to show though. Poor little Sade spent the whole episode weeping. And Okkert and Louw both went a bit bos. Which left Kas winning immunity for a second time. I coorent believe it. Jirre!

The worst part is that I am making it seem like it was kak exciting. And it wasn’t; I’m just a total Survivor junkie.

I have to say, at the back of my head tonight was the completely hectic, real life drama unfolding in Gauteng with Jub Jub, who left Survivor with a penis problem that we all laughed at, and is now at the heart of the hideous death of four school children. What an unspeakable tragedy.

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