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I am struggling to keep my supper down. Losers and chokers. The Poepteas fade again. Sies. I suppose I could be grateful that they aren’t in the semi-finals; I get my life back. But I am disgusted. Really. What were they thinking? And I was so tuned in to the whole 2020 thing. Some radical new coaching, thinking and planning needs to happen with SA cricket. I know we have the talent, we just need someone to manage it. Blah blah blah. I swear, I’m prepared to put money on Mickey Arthur telling the press that it’s just a game. I might have to throw darts at an image of him. And of Smith. Sies.


hectic ek se


almost 14 years old and still going strong


  1. Trevor du Buisson

    What’s the 20/20 thing?

  2. megan

    20 overs a side (instead of the usual 50) cricket. Fast, furious and highly entertaining. But you have to love cricket!

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