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Completely wrong about Reeds Delta

Ok, brace yourselves. Here goes a massive moan-in. Remember, about a month ago I raved about what fantastic service I got from Reeds Delta here in Cape Town? Well, it was a ploy to reel me in!

It’s been a week since I took my car in for them to check out what was a serious noise when the car was cold. The noise was related to the turning of the steering wheel and Big Friendly suggested that it might have something to do with the ‘power assist steering’. Now, granted, ‘power assist steering’ on an Opel Corsa Lite Plus is like diamond earrings on a cabbage. It’s the ‘plus’ part of the car make and model. And ‘plus’ normally means a shit load of money to fix.

So, when Sean at Reeds Delta phoned on Friday afternoon, I knew it wasn’t going to be with good news. He told me there was a problem with the ‘power assist steering rack’ which needed to be replaced and it was going to cost R5300. What do you do? You swallow hard, make a plan and give them the go ahead. He told me that I would only get my car back on Wednesday because they needed to order the part. Again, what do you do? You say OK and live with it. So, I was surprised to get a phone call from Sean late on Monday afternoon to tell me that my car was ready. I told him that I would only be able to fetch it the following morning. Off I tootled to get the car, which seemed very strange to drive. I had to go and fetch a friend from the airport and I was struggling to change gears. And was it my imagination but could I hear that sound again?

On Tuesday afternoon I phoned Sean and explained my problem with the gears. He told me to bring the car back on Wednesday morning for a test drive. On my way there that morning the old noise became worse and worse, so when I got there I told Sean that not only was there a new problem with my gears (which only started when I fetched the car from them) but that the old problem had returned; the one I had paid R5300 to fix.

Now, here’s the best part. Sean says he’ll get the ‘technician’ to ‘assess’ the ‘situation’ and then he’ll get back to me; which he does in the afternoon. This is what he says and I quote “We have your car on the lift and there is nothing wrong with it.” At which point, I confess, I went berserk. So much so that Big Friendly had to phone him back and threaten to come and get the car back, get the old part back and get a refund and go elsewhere!

An hour or so later a contrite Sean phoned me back to tell me that they were still ‘assessing’ the car and they still couldn’t say what was wrong at this stage and he would contact me in the morning, which was yesterday.

So yesterday I wait. In the late morning I get a call from Rochelle from Reeds Delta who is checking on whether I was happy with the service I received from them. Shame. The poor girl got my tongue in one ear and poking out the other side. Finally, yesterday afternoon, Sean calls to tell me I can pick up the car. He tells me that there was a fluid leak because they hadn’t fitted one of the pipes to the power assist steering rack properly, and also they had rerouted the gear linkage cables which had been done wrong the last time. He proudly told me that this time there would be no charge for the work they had done. I couldn’t help myself. I went berserk again.

I have the car back. When I got in to drive it away Sean asked me to first check the gears. I did. He said, “Much better now hey?” I said, “No, they’re like they were before.”


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  1. Tante B


  2. I can completely relate to the above article, what is GM doing?. In October 2006 my mom drove through a flood due to heavy rain and her computer box got wet. She too drives an Opel Corsa Lite. As she was visiting her sister in Somerset her car gave her problems, upon which she contacted her insurance and they towed it to the nearest GM, which was in Somerset West. They quoted her R12000 to fix the car, of which the warranty she has with CWA covered half. However, upon collecting the car, it could not idle, She then contacted the manager Ben who said they will have the idling pedal replaced, but the car could still not idle. So she went driving back and forth to Somerset so they could look at the car again, but each time they said that they could not see what the problem was. On top of that they gave her really bad attitude. She then took the car to GM in Plumstead, of which she had to pay an additional R700 and odd and they said it was the relay, they replaced and once again same problem, the car would not idle. Recently her clutch started giving problems and insurance towed the car to Reeds in Cape Town, who quoted her over R14000 to fix. As that was too heavy for her pocket, she asked them to only fix her clutch and cylinder head, but this has taken almost 2 weeks now. The gentleman we are dealing with makes promises on when the car can be collected, but never delivers, then they waiting on a part. then the engineer is busy with the car… really frustrating. Just yesterday i had to phone him again to ask when the car could be collected. He assured me the car was fixed and that he would call me today before 10am to advise what time the car can be collected. It is 10:26am and he still has not called. Really GM, what are you guys doing? You must really start smelling the coffee and get your staff in check, or do you enjoy having these negative publicity?

  3. refaie

    My wife bought a new Chevy optra in june 2010. A few months later she told me the gears are not shifting properly and that the gear lever jerks when putting it into a gear and pulling off. I took a day off from work to take the car in,went to see the salesman and he then refered me to the workshop. Myself and the TECHNICAL MaNAGER drove the car around the block and he’s comments were that there was nothing wrong. A month later my wife comlpains again. I called the Principal Dealer at Reeds N1 city John Trollip, and he told me to book the car in for a check up and also to come and see him so we couls discuss the way forward.went again to see john trollip and to my ammusement he was to busy to see me! I again took off from work and left the car at Reeds for half a day for them to tell me again there is nothing wrong and that the gear shifting problem with the jerking is normal. I left and absalutely pissed at wot they told me. I then called GM headoffice and lodged an official complaint.waited a week before Reeds sales manager’Leon Boschoff’called me to come and see him. I then again took off from wife and I went to Reeds the same day Leon called and when I got there I went OFF at the guy and he had the audacity to tell me that we the first to complain. They the agreed to take the car again for a test drive and finaly they admitted that there was something wrong with the gears. They then told me they will get the technician from GM to come and have a look. And up to now they still calling me to bring the car in because the technician only work on appointments! Any1 out there that read this be aware of where you go because once they sell it to you the minute you drive off that’s the last time they smile at you.

  4. Yandile

    I too my car Kadett to reeds delta cape town, the problem was a fuel relay, after nine (9) months fixed the problem came back, the car will drive while on the N2 on my way to or from work the car will just switch off. I decided to look at it myself only to find out that the relay fitted was a used one, the manager at spares department couldn’t tell the old and the new and the branch manager knew nothing of cause, the reason is that I hidden the paint marking that was engraved on the body.

    After a heated argument they decided to call the papers and the technician (fake one) that worked on my car, he admitted working on the car and he still remembered and his defense about the painting was that he wanted to see the old and the new relay (new relay was still in the box so why painting) and he does it all the time. Now tell me how many people in Cape Town or who have brought their cars for servicing and they have paid lots of money for the spares that were never fitted.

    Can I sue them for putting my life at risk and the lives of anybody being a humans and or animals at risk because of their bad service and incompetent so called technicians.

  5. Freddie

    I bought a 2nd hand Audi from Reeds N1 city exactly 2 years ago. About 2 weeks ago I took it for an evaluation at a different dealer(now live in GP)as I want to sell it. Turns out the car was in 2 accidents prior to me buying it. No fender benders, R31 000 and R193 000 respectively.

    After back and forth, Reeds offered to buy it back at a ridiculously low amount, at least R35 000 less than what I can get for it selling privately, which is trade book value. John Trollip answered me this morning by basically saying the offer is low because of accident damage? WTF?

    I’m properly pissed, I can’t sell the car anymore, not for what it’s supposed to be worth.

    How is it possible to be so dishonest?

    Salesman was Fabian Walker.

  6. P.Robinson

    I agree with all the above letters.Reeds Delta are a complete rip off.Their sevice is horrendous ,prices extremely high and the worst part about it is that they dont give a damn!The only good thing that can be said about them is that their cappuccino is excellent!

  7. Ek was van plan om vandag na Reeds N1 te gaan om die Sparki te gaan koop, maar ek is dan nou bang na ek die briewe lees van diens en hoe hulle werk aan motors.Ai, nou moet ek soek vir iets anders. Jammer van die briewe, maar dankie dat ek dit gesien het en dis snaaks Reeds antwoord nie op die kommentaar nie, seker te besig.

  8. anna-marie bloomer

    I am sorry to say I have to also say that the service I received from Reeds N1 city is absolutely the worse ever. They damaged my sons gear leaver and when I contacted them to let them know the Workshop manager just told me he does not believe it was them who damaged it and if it was damaged there then it is because it was falling apart anyhow. They refuse to take responsibility for anything they do. I have already paid for more work to be done so I have no option as to take the car back to them, but I am petrified what will go wrong next.

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