I have to admit it. And it is really hard to do after all the fuss I have made. But the truth is; I have yet to sit through a complete world cup match. Don’t get me wrong. I need to know who lost or won; but apart from New Zealand and England (NZ won) last night, it has been predictable and boring. Ok, ok, watching Hershel Gibbs score sixes off every ball in one over was pretty exciting, brilliant actually. And Mark Boucher did break a record (isn’t that what cricket is all about?) for the fastest fifty in a one day match, which was cool for him. But, I must admit, the whole thing seems to have gotten off to a rather dreary little start. Next Saturday will get my blood pumping for sure, with SA taking on Australia. But till then, nothing is making me hold my breath. So, wake me up when it all starts happening please.