We haven’t been to a live music gig for absolute ages, but last night we got out of the lounge and our comfort zones and went off to The Olive Station in Muisenberg to see a gig that sold itself on the poster as "one night, two guys, three chords" with Dave Ferguson and Cito from Wonderboom. Of course I created the completely wrong idea in my own head and imagined that they would whip up something together but they actually did two separate ‘acts’ with Dave opening both sets and Cito closing.

The Olive Station is transformed from a daytime shop to a night time music venue, almost totally successfully, except for the huge pillars, and the rather awkward seating. The food was quite good; we ate delicious cups of soup and bread, but the tab system with numbers and self-service is so complicated and clumsy it takes forever to get a glass of wine and pay for it. Still.

I haven’t seen Dave perform in years; since before he left the country and he was still playing with The Dollyrockers. He has become a master. Alone on stage, with a briefcase full of harmonicas and a special machine that allows him to record himself and then play it back as his own backing track, he plays the blues and sings. He is a transformer. Big Friendly was blown away. We all were.

Cito‘s set was more traditional and ‘unplugged’. he has a phenomenal voice and range, clarified and controlled by the work he has done in Chess. In fact, last night served as the cast’s farewell party; their final performance was on Saturday night, so they were mostly all there and a few played a song or two with Cito. There was also a touching guest appearance by his little son Dan.

But it was Dave who stole the show, and by his second set, people were up and dancing, which seems like a crazy idea because it’s just him up there, doing everything. His cover of Cash‘s Ring of Fire was mind blowing. The good news is that he’ll be back at The Olive Station next week, on 14 August. Check it out.