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Deeply personal TheatreSports post

I blog a lot about TheatreSports. it’s a very important part of my life. It should be; I’ve been playing it for about seventeen years, and we’ve been doing it in Slaap Stad for more than fifteen. We first performed it at The Dock Rd Theatre at the end of 1993, and since then we have seen venues start and die out, had homes at The Purple Turtle and On the Side at Artscape, to name just two. We have had regular audience members, and fans who have clocked up hundreds of TheatreSports performances. We have performed at corporate functions (a lot of pharmaceutical companies actually, for some unknown reason), schools, birthdays and barmitsvahs. We have travelled to Knysna, Grahamstown, Windhoek and even Orlando, Florida. We have seen players come and go, and sometimes even come back again. Every time a player leaves I take it quite personally; naturally, I am the fascist boss (although benevolent dictator could also be used), and again, now, one of our players has decided to move on. This time I am going to do it differently. And I am going to sing, "I wish you luck as I wave you goodbye!" and I am going to celebrate the time that they shared this thing with us, and me.


Cool offer for Cowboys and girls


Big, glamorous, Macbeki mangle


  1. carla

    Oh no, I fear the worst…


  2. megan


  3. Adrian Galley

    No! Who? What? Where? Why? … how?

  4. megan

    A long time player, a really good one, Jess. Other fish to fry?

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