I am in a bit of a sulk this morning. It’s Saturday and I am rehearsing all day. Oh well. Things could be totally worse. I could be not rehearsing at all. Right? Right. But it’s a beautiful still morning and we’ll take the dogs to the beach soon, before I go.

Last night, Big Friendly and I joined some friends for dinner at Chai Yo in Mowbray. I haven’t eaten there in many years, although we did get horrible Mr Delivery from them once. Well, it turned out to be the best Thai food I’ve had in Cape Town. We were regulars at The Asian Noodle Bar, known affectionately by us as the Poodle Bar, till it closed, and we have Wang Thaied a bit on Milnerton beach, but last night’s food was most amazing. I like my Thai food hot. It was, but it was mainly complicatedly spicy. Yum. We were all delighted by our choices and tasted each other’s. The excellent food was accompanied by fast, friendly and totally unfussy service, which made it a pleasure filled, relaxed time. What I enjoyed as well was the complete lack of Cape Town trend, and this during peak holiday season. We will be back for more Chai Yum!