Just back from the opening of a four day run of Dens Wit Me at The Masque again in Muizenberg. That’s two shows in a row there in under a week. Written by Levi Saville & Vicki Bawcombe, directed by Vicki Bawcombe and performed by Bronwyn Reddy, Shimmy Isaacs, Carmen Maarman, Taryn Hendricks and Hein de Vries, the show’s blurb sells it as a ‘new Cape musical’. But really, what it is is gentle, heartwarming, cute and totally accessible entertainment. And certainly what I enjoyed most was the audience response during and after the show.

The story is ‘a three sentence story’, as Big Friendly so cleverly put it. One of a team of office cleaning cherries decides to audition to become a backing dancer for our own Danny K. Mean boss provides the conflict and dof handyman the romance.

But it is the performances, particularly that of Shimmy Isaacs, that make this show so lekker. Also, a cameo by Hein de Vries is also very delicious. The style is very sitcom, the characters are musical and sitcom stereotypes, the moves and songs are not original BUT…the performers work beautifully together and the humour is warm. The ou in front of me was very vocal, and whenever he agreed he would “is ja!” what was being said on stage. And hey, that’s what counts. This is the kind of show that will build a theatre audience. It will make people feel lekker. Even the ‘choronography’.