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Dog days

Linus and Frida are installed.

Frida is a tough, clever, curious, friendly and funny girl. She is almost double her brother’s size. Linus is tiny, gentle, slow and soft. They are totally in our hearts and we only fetched them from the SPCA this morning. I can’t help but feel that everything worked out exactly as planned and that PETS made the mistake they needed to in order for us to get these little magnificent somebodies.

Right now they are lying at Big Friendly’s feet while he watches TV. We have just come back from their first visit to the park. It was both thrilling and terrifying, for the puppies and us. There were ‘big dogs’ there.

Their poos have been examined and discussed. Their tummies, teeth, tails, eyes, fur, claws have been marveled over. Frida can get up and down the stairs but Linus needs a hand.

This is just the beginning of the total, mutual delight session of our time together.


Small Furries




  1. they are really beautiful megs, i am not the world’s biggest animal appreciator always but they both look like dogs i could have – enjoy getting to know each other…

  2. Beilla Gans

    Fridalooks as tho’ she can take care of herself – but Linus……..he is tugging at my heart strings -he’ll need a lot of love and care – Ag, sies tog. Tante B

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