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So, when I came back from Grahamstown it is fair to say I was broken. But, as with all things theatrical, I bounced back and launched myself into other things. Obviously, the whole time I was thinking about how to end Drive With Me, and give it a send off. You see, I have always been intensely proud of the work, but suffered great feelings of invisibility at the festival, and I’ve been confused and scared about how to put it on in CT. I had just decided to wait until the right thing came along, when I got offered 3 shows at Alexander Bar, my fave venue in CT. Suddenly the opportunity to do the show again lit tiny sparks in my soul.

So, for all of you who asked, Drive With Me will be on at Alexander Bar on the 20, 21, 22 November at 7pm. When booking becomes available on the Alexander Bar website, please do it. It’s a tiny venue, and a tiny little run.




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  1. megan

    Love that so much Jenni B.

  2. Tarryn Steyn

    So so so glad you are doing it again!
    Wish I could see it! But I shall rally the troops!

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