I’ve got a few things on my mind. Which is probably why I was wide awake at 3am this morning, thinking about them. One of the things that was confounding me was, early doz. Big Friendly and I first heard ex spin bowler and sometime in-studio panel TV guest and convener of the selectors for the Poepteas, Omar Henry, say it. We thought he meant to say "early days" but made a mistake and said "early doz" or "early doors". We laughed like drains because DOZ sounds like the slang my boet peppers his talk with (my boet is king of slang; if you don’t know him you have no idea what he is talking about). My boet talks about a kak doz as a bad hair-do, for men. Women have a vas lollie! So, "early doz" quickly became my (and Big Friendly’s) favourite saying, and we would shout it, with full accent, whenever we needed to; either for an early morning hairdo, or if it was too soon to say how things would turn out, or even sometimes just sommer, "early doz!"

Imagine both of our total surprise when we heard, more than once, other cricket commentators using it! It’s happened four or five times now, during games or in studio, where someone has said "early doz"! Now, I am pretty good at English and my vocab is quite good, but in all my years I have never learnt "early doz"! What is it? How do you spell it? what does it mean exactly? Or am I just being moerse dof?

I suppose that because this is actually about cricket, congrats are in order to the Poepteas for their terrific win over the increasingly badly behaved British in their second test.

PS. Hau bo to AB for making a horrible mistake, but well rescued as well. He took it on the chin and played a hero’s innings after that!