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I hate the feeling of being ripped off or being taken for a moegoe. I’m feeling like that now and it’s made me NUTS. I found out last night that two people who have participated in one of our TheatreSports training courses and another somebody ran TheatreSports workshops at the Western Cape Schools’ Festival. Now I’m furious for two reasons. Firstly with those who think that they can quickly run the workshops behind my back. I mean, having done our workshop they know that I have the licence for TheatreSports in Cape Town from The International TheatreSports Institute in Calgary. This costs a fortune in Canadian $ every year. And this means that I am the boss of TheatreSports in Cape Town. Improvision, our company, is the only company that can play and teach TheatreSports here. Secondly, I am so angry at the organiser of the festival. Improvision has been performing TheatreSports and running TheatreSports workshops at the festival since its inception. You can’t just get arbitrary others to run them without my permission. Not only is it shocking manners, it’s also illegal and unacceptable. I don’t want TheatreSports to get a bad rep with schools. They are our loyal and committed audience. Any unacredited facilitators also do the students a terrible disservice and can’t to justice to the wonder and magic of TheatreSports.
So, get off our patch of grass. Do something else. But leave TheatreSports to me.


The Dog’s Bollocks is the Dog’s Bollocks!


ho ho ha ha ha


  1. The Saint

    Apart from baseball bats, there are legal-type things you can do to those who perpetrated this thing [and probably the Festival organisers also]. Protect you indentity !!!!

  2. Godfrey

    This is shocking – who are these people? It’s like trying to conduct an orchestra wihout being able to read music.

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