Larissa Hughes plays Marlene in Good Will Acting. I first saw her in Antony and Cleopatra as one of the handmaidens, and her hair was completely shaved off! The next time I saw her was when she auditioned for my industrial theatre project and I was so impressed with her audition and her choice of piece that I knew I was going to use her that moment. Ironically, months later she told me that she had left the audition with the feeling that she had nailed it.

Larissa is a most natural, versatile and talented actor. She is dynamic, energetic and totally old-school when it comes to performance. She thinks about things. She tries stuff out. She is constantly growing and working and asking questions. As if that weren’t enough, she is an unbelievable singer, harmoniser and can do the moves too.

Without Larissa and her writing contributions, her input, her ideas, her challenges and most importantly her spiritual dancing moves, we would not have had a Good Will Acting. I love this powerhouse performer.