This is the opposite of a moan in, and it’s also a response to Chris Roper’s latest news24 column about the completely sucky service he has had from Jeep and his ongoing problems with his car.

I bought my Opel Corsa second hand last year, but it’s still the newest car I’ve owned. The 3 year warrantee expired in June (without me remembering) but two weeks ago there were two niggling things with the car that were playing on my mind, so I decided to take it to the authorised official guys to check out. My heart was in my mouth. I have only heard how expensive it is to take your car to the main guys.

The whole experience made me scared. You book your car to go in. When you arrive your car gets a special number on its roof before anything, and it is checked out. Then you check in; with the desk person assigned to your car. He tells you how it’s going to work and that he’ll phone you when they know what’s wrong and how much it will cost.

Late that afternoon (we were in Jozi actually) I got an sms saying I could pick the car up the following Monday. I had told Sean we were going to Jozi for the weekend, so he remembered that I would only be collecting the car on the Monday. I was a bit freaked out though and called Sean, full of attitude. “Why didn’t you call me to tell me how much it’s going to cost?”, I barked. “Megan, I thought it would be ok, since there was nothing wrong with your brakes, they were just dirty so we cleaned them, and the funny noise in front was your air conditioner pipe, which we tightened.” I thanked him and hung up.

The following Monday we went straight from the airport to collect the car. Big Friendly dropped me off and I went inside to settle up. Sean made me sign the paper. They had charged me absolutely zero, nix, nada. It’s the first time a garage has ever been honest with me. I can’t tell you how comfortable I feel, taking my car back to them. Bravo Reeds Delta.